Project Director Sample Clauses

Project Director. The Project Director will act as a single point of contact for the Sponsor during the course of this study. The Project Director is responsible for the generation of detailed project timelines and ensures that these milestones are met. The Project Director will provide on-going project status reports as directed by the Sponsor and will proactively identify and resolve critical project issues. The Project Director is also responsible for managing the study budget and addresses all out-of-scope items with the Sponsor. Clinical Trial Manager The Clinical Trial Manager will be dedicated to managing the day-to-day clinical trial activity. The Clinical Trial Manager is responsible for overseeing all site and clinical research associate (CRA) activity for the Project. The Clinical Trial Manager is also responsible for developing case report form completion and monitoring guidelines; overseeing regulatory document management for each investigational site and for reviewing and tracking the Project CRA activities which include the scheduling of site visits, site visit reports, monitoring logs and follow-up correspondence. Project Administrative Coordination The Project Coordinator provides the necessary administrative support to the Project Director and to the rest of the Project Team with all administrative related tasks. **** Certain confidential information contained in this document, marked with four asterisks, has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to Rule 24b-2 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. Draft Informed Consent Review The Omnicare CR Project Management Team will review the draft of the Informed Consent and will evaluate whether it is in accordance with IRB and Ethic committee requirements. The Project Management Team will provide feedback to Sponsor as required.
Project Director manages the successful implementation of the One-Stop System assuring that all contractual commitments are met. Ultimately, the Project Director is responsible for adherence to federal, state, and local policies. Ensures that all management and supervisory staff have access to budgets and expenditure plans to better manage programs that they are responsible for. Additionally, Project Director shall hold managers accountable for leveraging resources and operating within funding guidelines. Establishes and maintains positive working relationships with the funding source and all workforce partners both in-house and within the community. Facilitates project accomplishments and ensures that management decisions and contractual goals are understood and supported by staff. Project Director shall be directly responsible for all fiscal oversight of their budgets.
Project Director. Grantee’s performance of the subject work under this Grant Agreement shall be under the technical direction of the individual identified as Grantee Project Director on the Grant Summary Page of this Grant Agreement. Grantee shall report any change to the Grantee Project Director in writing to the NAS Program Officer.
Project Director. Subject to the COUNTY's personnel policies, the CAB shall have final authority to select, remove, and evaluate the Health Center's Project Director, as described in this Agreement.
Project Director the “Project Director,” will supervise the Project. If the Project Director is for any reason unable to continue working on the Project, a replacement will be appointed by the University with input from the Sponsor. If a replacement is not available, the Sponsor and University will work together to determine a mutually acceptable resolution of the situation.
Project Director. ‌ At no charge to the Authorized User, a NYSTEC Executive will be assigned to the Authorized User’s project and shall function as the Project Director and be responsible for executive level oversight of the Project on behalf of the Contractor. Contractor shall identify the Project Director to the Authorized User. In the event that the Contractor finds it necessary to designate a new Project Director, the Contractor shall give reasonable notice thereof to the Authorized User in writing. Authorized User reserves the right to take an active role in the designation process, in coordination with the appropriate Contractor officials. Final designation of a new Project Director shall be with the written consent of the Authorized User. During the period of this Agreement, the Authorized User reserves the right to review and evaluate the performance of the Project Director and, when appropriate, communicate with the Contractor if said performance is unsatisfactory. Should the performance of the Project Director be evaluated by the Authorized User as insufficient to effectively carry out the oversight responsibilities of this Agreement, the Contractor and the Authorized User shall promptly agree on a course of action, including the designation of another Project Director.
Project Director. The Project Director is RQ's representative under the Agreement. The Project Director may exercise all the functions and powers of RQ, unless otherwise stated by RQ, and is RQ's agent and not an independent certifier.