Provider Responsibilities Sample Clauses

Provider Responsibilities. The Private Child-Caring Facility (PCC) (a.k.a., Provider) must comply with the following requirements:
Provider Responsibilities. Except as otherwise noted in this Agreement, PROVIDER shall provide, at its expense, all materials, labor, equipment, facilities and other items necessary to deliver the Services. Subject to Section 6.3 herein, all employees performing the Services shall be skilled in their trades and licensed, if required, by all proper authorities.
Provider Responsibilities. The Medicaid provider shall:
Provider Responsibilities. H.15.1 The Provider bears responsibility for ensuring that the Provider/Contractor fulfills all its Agreement requirements under any task order or purchase order that is issued to the Provider pursuant to this Agreement.
Provider Responsibilities. The Provider shall comply, to the satisfaction of EOHHS, with: (1) all provisions set forth in this Contract and (2) all applicable provisions of state and federal laws, regulations, and waivers, including MassHealth provider regulations at 130 CMR 450.000 et seq., any relevant provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and any other applicable privacy or security law or regulation.
Provider Responsibilities. In the event that Applicant is unable to carry out the Project as fully described in the Grant Application, including changes to the (a) date(s), (b) scope, and/or (c) method of delivering the Project, etc. Applicant shall notify Biogen immediately and provide a detailed explanation, in writing, of the reason(s) for such change. Any changes must be approved by Biogen prior to implementation. Any changes that occur without prior notification will constitute a breach of this Agreement and may render the Applicant ineligible to receive future grants or other funding from Biogen.