Product Supply Sample Clauses

Product Supply. Ascentage shall supply Unity, its Affiliates and Sublicensees with such quantities of Clinical Materials and Licensed Compound as Unity, its Affiliates and Sublicensees may order from time-to-time during the term of the Agreement.
Product Supply. Arch shall label the Products in accordance with Codexis’ written instructions as set forth in Exhibit 3.4. In accordance with Section 3, Codexis shall purchase from Arch, and Arch shall supply to Codexis Products for sale by Codexis to Codexis Customers. The timing and delivery of such supply shall be as set forth in the applicable Product Purchase Order. Arch, at its sole cost and expense, will validate, manufacture and supply Products in accordance with the applicable Product Specification for Product(s) to be sold to a Codexis Customer, and will be responsible for all necessary and useful requirements therefor, including without limitation ensuring sufficient manufacturing capacity; employing appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel; implementing cost reduction plans; and complying with all Applicable Laws. The Products shall be manufactured and supplied under the Codexis Trademarks. For the avoidance of doubt, Products sold and shipped directly to Codexis Customers will be accompanied by a Codexis Commercial Invoice and an Arch Certificate of Analysis, and any other documents as necessary or appropriate as described in the respective customer purchase order.
Product Supply. XOMA shall supply exclusively (subject to Section 5.1) all of Alexion's requirements of Product in accordance with this Section 5.3. XOMA's supply obligations shall be limited to the reasonable capacity (one shift/day) of [*]. When [*] indicate that demand will exceed capacity of [*], the Parties will use commercially reasonable efforts to determine an appropriate means of expanding capacity.
Product Supply. 5.1. The Parties acknowledge that Skye’s obligation under the Supply Agreement shall be for the supply of Finished Product and Mundipharma shall satisfy itself, at its own cost, of its rights to sell Finished Product in the Territory. In consideration of the manufacture, packaging and supply of the Finished Product, Mundipharma agrees that the supply price under the Supply Agreement shall be [**] Euros (€[**]) per Vial supplied to Mundipharma in any country of the Territory during the Term, subject to adjustment in accordance with the other terms of the Supply Agreement.
Product Supply. 5.1 In the event that Eisai notifies Radius of its desire to purchase bulk substance of Compound from Radius, Radius shall supply Eisai with all amount of such bulk substance of Compound, which meets specifications for the Product determined by Radius in the course of its Development activities pursuant to this Agreement, required by Eisai for commercial sales of Product in Japan With respect to Eisai clinical development activities for Product in Japan, upon Eisai’s request, Radius shall supply Eisai the bulk substance of Compound for * Confidential Treatment Requested by the Registrant. Redacted Portion Filed Separately with the Commission. the conduct of the Eisai Development activities in the amounts and at the times determined by the SC, having reference to the quantity of the bulk substance of Compound required for clinical trials in Japan. Radius shall charge Supply Price for applicable bulk substance of Compound. Radius shall ship such bulk substance of Compound, FOB point of manufacturing.
Product Supply. Tutogen agrees to use its best efforts to acquire -------------- xenograft bone tissue, process the tissue using the Tutoplast process according to Sulzer's forecasts for demand for Products, manufacture the Products, package and label the Products as required for distribution in the different countries within the Territory, and sell the Products to Sulzer pursuant to purchase orders issued by Sulzer at the transfer prices listed in Schedule C attached hereto. Sulzer shall pay the transfer price to Tutogen within 45 days from the date of Tutogen's invoice. In no event shall Tutogen or an Affiliate of Tutogen or a Permitted Successor of Tutogen during the term of this Agreement supply xenograft bone tissue to a Third Party for distribution in the Territory for the Field of Use.
Product Supply. 10.1. BioCancell will, at its own expense, supply to the Medical Center all necessary quantities of the drugs to be used in the Trial, and only for the purposes as described in the Protocol. Any surplus shall be returned to BioCancell, at BioCancell expense, without delay, upon completion of the Trial or termination of this Agreement for any reason whichever is the earlier.
Product Supply. 5.4.1 On the Closing Date, the Parties shall enter into (a) the Supply Agreement, pursuant to which Amgen shall provide to Company two (2) lots of the Product drug product (each, a “Product Lot”) (provided that the second Product Lot shall only be deliverable by Amgen to the extent it meets all related quality requirements under the Supply Agreement), and (b) the Quality Agreement, with respect to such supply of the Product Lots. Except for the [*] = Certain confidential information contained in this document, marked by brackets, has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to Rule 406 of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. Licensed Materials listed on the Licensed Materials Schedule and such Product Lots delivered to Company, Company shall be responsible for, and shall bear the cost of, obtaining (whether by manufacturing or causing to be manufactured) research, clinical and commercial supplies of the Product. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary hereunder, as promptly as practicable after the Closing Date, Amgen will transfer the IND for the Product in the United States and Canada to Company, at Amgen’s sole cost and expense.
Product Supply. (a) Abbott shall exclusively purchase from SuperGen or from its designated Third Party manufacturer(s), and SuperGen shall exclusively supply to Abbott (or shall cause or its designated Third Party manufacturer(s) to supply exclusively to Abbott), Abbott's requirements for the Product in the Territories.