Licensed Compound definition

Licensed Compound means the compound known as GLPG0634, or filgotinib, and any metabolite, salt, ester, hydrate, solvate, isomer, enantiomer, free acid form, free base form, crystalline form, co-crystalline form, amorphous form, pro-drug, racemate, polymorph, chelate, stereoisomer, tautomer, or optically active form of the foregoing.
Licensed Compound means (a) 3,4-Diaminopyridine, the chemical structure of which is set forth on Exhibit B-2; and (b) any derivatives, isomers, metabolites, prodrugs, acid forms, base forms, salt forms, or modified versions of such compound in (a).
Licensed Compound means ActRIIA, and, effective upon the dates and pursuant to the terms set forth in Section 7.2, any applicable Option Compound.

Examples of Licensed Compound in a sentence

  • Licensee shall grant Axsome a right and license to use (including the right to provide access to and to license or sublicense to Third Parties, including Axsome’s Upstream Licensors) such Licensee Data in support of the Development for use or Commercialization of Licensed Products and to otherwise support the Commercialization of products containing the Licensed Compound for use outside the Territory.

  • During the Term, Licensee shall submit to Axsome for review and approval any proposed academic, scientific and medical publication or public presentation which contains Axsome’s Confidential Information or, in the case of academic, scientific and medical EAST\200870719.16 publications, which otherwise relate to the Licensed Compound or any Licensed Product.

  • Licensee acknowledges that Axsome and its Upstream Licensors shall retain all right, but have no obligation, to conduct clinical trials, both outside and within the Territory, of any products containing any Licensed Compound for purposes of seeking Regulatory Approval of and Commercializing such products solely outside of the Territory, including seeking approval of additional indications for such products.

  • Licensee hereby grants to Axsome a perpetual, irrevocable, fully paid and royalty free, sublicensable (through multiple tiers) license under the Licensee Developed IP and Licensee’s interest in any Joint Developed IP for all purposes, provided, however that, (a) inside the Territory such license shall be non-exclusive and shall not include the right to commercialize any product containing a Licensed Compound and (b) outside the Territory such license shall be exclusive, even as to Licensee.

  • Licensee shall not at any time during the Term directly or indirectly (including by assisting any Third Party in any manner) distribute, offer for sale, sell or otherwise provide any Licensed Compound or Licensed Products to any Third Party outside of or for use outside of the Territory.

More Definitions of Licensed Compound

Licensed Compound means [***].
Licensed Compound means (i) BIM-44058 or (ii) any analog of BIM-44058.
Licensed Compound has the meaning set forth in Section 1.89.
Licensed Compound means (a) the compound known as Bay 13-9952 and identified as “implitapide,” and (b) any metabolic precursors, prodrugs, isomers (chiral and otherwise), metabolites, hydrates, anhydrides, solvates, salt forms, free acids or bases, esters, amides, ethers, complexes, conjugates or polymorphs of any compounds covered by the foregoing clause (a) or this clause (b).
Licensed Compound means TESARO’s proprietary PARP inhibitor known as Niraparib, having chemical structure set forth in Exhibit A, and any pharmaceutically acceptable salt, polymorph, crystal form, prodrug or solvate thereof.
Licensed Compound means the soluble analog of probucol AGI-1067, having the chemical name butanedioic acid, mono[4-[[1-[3,5-bis(1,1- dimethyethyl)-4-hydroxyphenyl]thio]-1-[methylethylthio]-2,6-bis(1,1- dimethylethyl)-phenyl]ester, and any stereoisomers, salts, hydrates and/or crystalline forms thereof.
Licensed Compound means: (i) CG’806; (ii) any other compound whose composition, manufacture or use is claimed by a claim in the patents and patent applications set forth in Exhibit A; and (iii) any other compound that employs or embodies Know-How Controlled by CG or its Affiliates in existence on or before the Effective Date and that relates to the composition, method of use, mechanism of action or method of manufacture of any inhibitor of any kinase within the BTK family of kinases.