Internet Banking Sample Clauses

Internet Banking service by means of which it is possible for the client to exercise various transactions posted by the Bank on the special web page of the bank xxx.xxxxxxxxx.xx (without visiting the Bank), according to the regulations established by the Bank;
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Internet Banking. 14.1 Cardmember should agree that while making any internet transaction, any outflow of foreign exchange must be undertaken by them only in accordance with Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999, Information Technology Act, 2000 and other applicable acts including any rules, regulations, notifications thereunder and any other law as may be applicable from time to time. The Bank, at its sole discretion, may decline certain internet transactions by Cardmember in order to protect from unauthorized and illegal use of account information by any person.
Internet Banking. (a) Allows the Client to perform Bank Transactions and obtain personalized information about his Accounts, through a secure Internet connection.
Internet Banking. If Internet Banking is activated for your account(s), you will be required to use secure login information to access the account(s). At the present time, you may use Internet Banking to: - Withdraw funds from your share, share draft, and club accounts. - Transfer funds from your share, share draft, and club accounts. - Obtain balance information for your share, share draft, loan, XXX, club, certificate, and credit card accounts. - Make loan payments from your share, share draft, and club accounts. - Access your line-of-credit accounts. - Determine if a particular item has cleared. - Obtain tax information on amounts earned on share and share draft accounts or interest paid on loan accounts. - Verify the last date and amount of your deposit. - Make xxxx payments to preauthorized creditors. - Apply for loans. Your accounts may be accessed with Internet Banking via personal computer. Internet Banking will be available for your convenience 24 hours per day. This service may be interrupted for a short time each day for data processing. The following limitations on Internet Banking transactions may apply: - There is no limit to the number of inquiries, transfers, or withdrawal requests you may make in any one (1) day. - See Section 2 for transfer limitations that may apply to these transactions. We reserve the right to refuse any transaction which would draw upon insufficient funds, exceed a credit limit, lower an account below a required balance, or otherwise require us to increase our required reserve on the account. All checks are payable to you as a primary member and will be mailed to your address of record. We may set other limits on the amount of any transaction, and you will be notified of those limits. We may refuse to honor any transaction for which you do not have sufficient available verified funds. The service will discontinue if no transaction is entered after numerous unsuccessful attempts to enter a transaction and there may be limits on the duration of each access. Additional details can be found in the Internet Banking Services Disclosure Agreement.
Internet Banking. In consideration of the Bank pursuant to my/our request making available to me/ us Internet Banking facility I/we agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions.
Internet Banking. 6.6.1 The Bank offers the Client an Internet Banking Service which enables the Client to carry out Transactions and receive account balance-related information via the Bank’s official webpage xxx.xxxxxxxxxxx.xx, or any other webpage that the Bank may designate and/or develop and/or maintain for such purposes, upon authentication via Security Procedure established by the Bank.
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Internet Banking. 9.1.1 Internet banking service implies an ability for the client to manage and receive remotely the following services from the bank by means of using the special Internet-site of the bank xxxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx:
Internet Banking. The amount you can withdraw each day as a cash advance from an ATM, and the available ATM services, may vary from time to time. We are not liable for any loss or damage you may suffer because of your use of an ATM or because of any failure to provide ATM or Internet banking services (where available). We are not responsible for informing you of any mechanical failures of an ATM or for telling you when these services are changed or withdrawn.
Internet Banking. 1. Accessing the Internet Banking (the Service) entails that the Customer fully accepts all items stated in this Agreement.
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