Clause 19 Sample Clauses

Clause 19. 1.1 does not in any way limit the obligations of any Obligor under the Initial ACF Finance Documents.
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Clause 19. 6.1 shall not apply to:
Clause 19. 7.1 shall not apply if the fair value of the relevant asset or assets is, in relation to Opco, ZAR5,000,000 (Indexed) or less, or in relation to Holdco or the Borrower, ZAR1,000,000 (Indexed) or less.
Clause 19. Covid-19 Vaccination Policy for Contractors is hereby deleted in its entirety.
Clause 19. 1 applies regardless of whether the Vehicle is driven by the Driver employed by the Company without limitation or any other driver.
Clause 19. Dispute resolution Under the mCTAs, the parties are required, in the first instance, to attempt to resolve any dispute through discussion between senior managers which, if unsuccessful, may proceed to mediation. An informal local procedure is specified, escalating, if necessary, through more formal processes. If mediation fails, the parties can take the dispute to the courts of the jurisdiction in which the Participating Organisation is constituted.
Clause 19. 1.1 shall not operate so as to prejudice or override the express terms of any obligation to pay, or indemnity, or costs reimbursement provision contained within this Agreement.
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Clause 19. 2 shall also apply as though references to “the Company” include references to each Group Company in relation to which the Executive has in the course of his duties for the Company or by reason of rendering services to or holding office in such Group Company:
Clause 19. The Ship Management Agreement shall be governed by Norwegian Law and the parties accept Haugesund City Court as proper legal venue for for the settlement of any controversy or dispute that may araise in connection with, or as a result of this contract that cannot be resolved by mutual agreement between the parties hereto. ADDENDUM NO. 1 TO SHIP MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT NB 2518
Clause 19. 6.1 will override any application made or purported to be made by any other person.
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