Terminate the contract Sample Clauses

Terminate the contract. If a stop work order issued under this clause is properly canceled, the Contractor shall have the right to resume work. An appropriate adjustment shall be made in the delivery schedule or contract price, or both, and the contract shall be modified accordingly in writing pursuant to the terms of this contract dealing with contract modifications, if:
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Terminate the contract. The contract for services or products between TTUHSC El Paso and a BA shall be terminated through the TTUHSC El Paso Purchasing Department or Contracting Office. If termination of the contract is not feasible, this shall be immediately reported to the ICO.
Terminate the contract. The Town may terminate the contract by providing to the Contractor written notice of the termination of the contract and the grounds therefore. The contract shall be deemed terminated on the date notice of the contract termination is given. The Contractor will be paid for all work which is satisfactorily done through the time of termination; the remainder of the money due the Contractor, but unearned, under this contract may be used to hire another person or agency to perform the work. In addition, the Town may use money from the performance bond to cover the cost of performing this contract.
Terminate the contract. If the Lessee continues to execute the Contract and pays the Rental as actual Apartment Use Area, then the Rental shall be fixed and unadjusted throughout the Lease Term.
Terminate the contract. DHS may terminate this Contract in accordance with the contract termination provisions outlined below.
Terminate the contract. The Contractor must diligently carry out the work under this Contract and must not, except as permitted by this Contract, delay, suspend, or fail to maintain reasonable progress in the performance of that work.
Terminate the contract. 10.5-1 If fire or other contingencies, causes the house with the damage affects the Party B use the house seriously, the Party B may select to send out written notification to the Party A before 3 months for terminating this contract which is related with the damages house. In this kind of situation, the Party B does not need to pay the partially rent of the house not to be able to use, the day from occurs the accident until this contract is terminated
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Terminate the contract. 5.5. All disputes arising from this Contract shall be settled by direct negotiations, and if the Parties fail to agree – this case should be settled in the court at the place of execution of this Contract.

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  • Termination of the Contract 11.1. The Coordinator may terminate the contract if the Co-beneficiary has inadequately discharged or failed to discharge any of the contractual obligations, insofar as this is not due to force majeure, after notification of the Co-beneficiary by registered letter has remained without effect for one month.

  • PARTIES TO THE CONTRACT This Contract is solely between the Company and the SBA which administers the FHCF. In no instance shall any insured of the Company or any claimant against an insured of the Company, or any other third party, have any rights under this Contract, except as provided in Article XIV. The SBA will only disburse funds to the Company, except as provided for in Article XIV of this Contract. The Company shall not, without the prior approval of the Office of Insurance Regulation, sell, assign, or transfer to any third party, in return for a fee or other consideration any sums the FHCF pays under this Contract or the right to receive such sums.

  • OPTION NOT A SERVICE CONTRACT Your option is not an employment or service contract, and nothing in your option shall be deemed to create in any way whatsoever any obligation on your part to continue in the employ of the Company or an Affiliate, or of the Company or an Affiliate to continue your employment. In addition, nothing in your option shall obligate the Company or an Affiliate, their respective stockholders, Boards of Directors, Officers or Employees to continue any relationship that you might have as a Director or Consultant for the Company or an Affiliate.

  • Term of the Contract A. This Contract has an initial term of one (1) year and a bilateral option provision for three (3) additional terms. The total term of the Contract cannot exceed four (4) years. An extension may be offered beyond the original four-year term if Sourcewell deems such action to be in the best interests of Sourcewell and its Members. The Contractor may withdraw from the Contract on each anniversary of the award, provided that the Contractor gives 60 Days written notice of its intent to withdraw. Sourcewell may, for any reason, terminate this Contract at any time.

  • TERMINATION BY THE CONTRACTOR If the Work is stopped for a period of thirty days under an order of any court or other public authority having jurisdiction, or as a result of an act of government, such as a declaration of a national emergency making materials unavailable, through no act or fault of the Contractor or a Subcontractor or their agents or employees or any other persons performing any of the Work under a contract with the Contractor, or if the Work should be stopped for a period of thirty days by the Contractor because the Architect has not issued a Certificate for Payment as provided in Paragraph 9.7 of these General Conditions or because the State has not made payment thereon as provided in Paragraph 9.7, then the Contractor may, upon seven additional days written notice to the State and the Architect, terminate the Contract and recover from the State payment for all Work executed and for any proven loss sustained upon any materials, equipment, tools, construction equipment and machinery, including reasonable profit and damages.

  • Duration of the contract This contract becomes effective on , and will continue in effect for 365 days from the above date. Either party may terminate treatment with reasonable notice to the other party, as provided in the agreement. Notwithstanding this right to terminate treatment, both Provider and Beneficiary agree that the obligation not to pursue Medicare reimbursement for items and services provided under this contract will survive this contract.

  • Control of the Contract F1 Transfer and Sub-Contracting

  • SCOPE OF THE CONTRACT 4.1 The Contractor shall perform the Services set out [in Schedule 1] [below2] in accordance with the Contract.

  • Service Contract The Parties intend this Agreement to be a "service contract" within the meaning of Section 7701(e)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

  • Tax Service Contract Each Mortgage Loan is covered by a paid in full, life of loan, tax service contract issued by First American Real Estate Tax Service, and such contract is transferable;

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