Recovery Sample Clauses

Recovery. Each Protected Person shall use its reasonable efforts to pursue other third-party sources of indemnification in respect of any Liabilities for which it or any Protected Person may require indemnification in accordance with this Section 4. If any Protected Person recovers any amounts in respect of any Liabilities from insurance coverage or any third-party source, then such Protected Person shall, to the extent that such recovery is duplicative, reimburse the Issuer for any amounts previously paid to it by the Issuer in respect of such Liabilities.
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Recovery. II.6.1. If total payments made exceed the amount actually due under the Contract or if recovery is justified in accordance with the terms of the Contract, the Contractor shall reimburse the appropriate amount in euro on receipt of the debit note, in the manner and within the time limits set by the Agency.
Recovery. The financial support or part thereof shall be recovered by the sending organisation if the participant does not comply with the terms of the agreement. If the participant terminates the agreement before its agreement ends or if they fail to follow the agreement in accordance with the rules, they shall have to return the amount of the grant already paid except if agreed differently with the sending organisation. The latter shall be reported by the sending organisation and accepted by the National Agency.
Recovery. Any award paid by third parties as the result of such proceedings (whether by way of settlement or otherwise) shall first be applied to reimbursement of any legal fees and expenses incurred by either Party and then the remainder shall be divided between the Parties as follows:
Recovery. II.19.1 Where an amount, paid by the Commission to the co-ordinator in his capacity of recipient of all payments, is to be recovered under the terms of the agreement, the co-ordinator undertakes to repay the Commission the sum in question, on whatever terms and by whatever date it may specify, even if he has not been the final recipient of the amount due. In the latter case, if payment has not been made by the due date, the Commission reserves the right to recover directly the amount due from the final recipient. Where such an amount to be recovered under the terms of the agreement was directly paid by the Commission to a beneficiary, or if recovery is justified under Article II.12 of the agreement, the beneficiary concerned undertakes to pay the Commission the sum in question, on whatever terms and by whatever date it may specify.
Recovery. Except as otherwise provided, the costs and expenses of the Party bringing suit under Section 4.3 (Enforcement) shall be borne by such Party, and any damages, settlements or other monetary awards recovered shall be shared as follows: (i) the amount of such recovery actually received by the Party controlling such action shall first be applied to the out-of-pocket costs of each Party in connection with such action; and then (ii) the remainder of the recovery shall be shared between the Parties as follows:
Recovery. Any recovery obtained in an action brought by COMPANY under Sections 7.2 or 7.3 shall be distributed as follows: (i) each party shall be reimbursed for any expenses incurred in the action (including the amount of any royalty or other payments withheld from M.I.T. as described in Section 7.4), (ii) as to ordinary damages, COMPANY shall receive an amount equal to its lost profits or a reasonable royalty on the infringing sales, or whichever measure of damages the court shall have applied, and COMPANY shall pay to M.I.T. based upon such amount a reasonable approximation of the royalties and other amounts that COMPANY would have paid to M.I.T. if COMPANY had sold the infringing products, processes and services rather than the infringer, and (iii) as to special or punitive damages, the parties shall share equally in any award.
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Recovery. II.18.1. If any amount is unduly paid to the beneficiary or if recovery is justified under the terms of the agreement, the beneficiary undertakes to repay the Commission the sum in question on whatever terms and by whatever date it may specify.
Recovery. To the extent We pay for a loss suffered by You, We will be assigned the rights and remedies You had relating to the loss. You will be made whole before We begin recovery. You must help Us preserve its rights against those responsible for its loss. This may involve signing any papers and taking any other steps We may reasonably require. When You have been paid benefits under this policy but also recovers from another policy, the amount recovered from the other policy shall be held in trust for Us by You and reimbursed to Us to the extent of Our payment. As a condition to receiving the applicable benefits listed above, You agree, except as may be limited or prohibited by applicable law, to reimburse Us for any such benefits paid to or on behalf of You, if such benefits are recovered, in any form, from any Third Party or coverage. We will not pay or be responsible, without its written consent, for any fees or costs associated with the pursuit of a claim, cause of action or right by or on behalf of an Insured or such other person against any Third Party or coverage. Coverage as used in this Recovery section, means any other fund or insurance policy except coverage provided under this policy. GENERAL PROVISIONS‌
Recovery. If City determines to recover all or any portion of the Premises, City shall provide Tenant with ninety (90) days prior written notice specifying what areas will be recovered. If any portion remaining after such recovery is tenantable in light of the purposes of this Agreement (as determined by City in its sole discretion), City shall reduce Tenant's rent hereunder by the percentage of the Premises that City recovers, and City shall pay the cost of any alterations to the Tenant Improvements that are required by City in connection therewith (so long as such improvements are not in breach of this Agreement). If City recovers all of the Premises, or if any remaining portion of the Premises is not tenantable pursuant to City’s determination, City may terminate this Agreement by including in the notice provided for in this Section 5.C.i a notice of termination, and this Agreement shall terminate at the end of such ninety (90) day period. In connection with any such termination, City shall pay only the following amount: the remaining, unamortized value of the Tenant Improvements (so long as such improvements are not in breach of this Agreement) based on amortizing Tenant’s certified construction costs (determined pursuant to Exhibit B, Section B.8.a) using a straight-line method over a thirty (30) year period that commences on the Commencement Date. Such thirty-year period relates only to the calculation contained in this Section 5.C.i, and it does not alter any other provision of this Agreement (including, but not limited to, the term hereof or any termination rights).
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