Orientation Period Sample Clauses

Orientation Period. Employees who bump to new positions will be given reasonable orientation. The extent of the orientation will be explained to the employee and Union in advance of the decision to bump.
Orientation Period. A. Orientation Status All employees shall serve an orientation period of twelve (12) complete months from actual date of hire, during which time they may be released without notice, reason or right of appeal. The City Manager may extend the orientation period for up to an additional six (6) months.
Orientation Period. The Employer shall provide a reasonable orientation period for new hires or incumbent employees who are promoted (who have not already received orientation) in a new position. The purpose of the orientation period will be to familiarize employees with the duties associated with their new position. While in orientation employees will not normally be required to perform functions that are outside of the job duties for their position.
Orientation Period. The Fieldwork Site and the University will plan and conduct a period of orientation to the fieldwork placement experience for the students prior to the beginning of the fieldwork placement. It is contemplated by the parties that the orientation period will include the presentation of selected current policies as well as such regulations and procedures as the parties deem appropriate.
Orientation Period. Internal applicants who meet the minimum 9 qualifications for the position will be considered first for any open RN position. Such a 10 qualified internal applicant will be awarded the position if, with two (2) weekscustomary 11 orientation, s/he would be qualified for the position. The Employer may provide a longer 12 orientation period for available positions which, in the discretion of the Employer, require 13 an orientation period longer than the customary two (2) week orientation. The Employer 14 will declare the orientation period provided for each available position at the time of 15 posting.
Orientation Period. The successful applicant will be placed in the vacancy for a trial period not exceeding fourteen (14) scheduled shifts worked and if the employee proves satisfactory, shall then be considered permanent to the vacancy. If the employee proves unsatisfactory during that time, or if the employee feels they are unable to perform the duties of the vacancy to which posted, the employee will be returned to their former position at their former salary or rate of pay, as will any other employee in the Bargaining Unit who was promoted or transferred by reason of such placing.
Orientation Period. 28:01 New Personal Support Workers shall be scheduled as extra staff for a minimum of six (6) days and shall work once on each shift during that period.
Orientation Period. (a) An employee who has bumped shall serve a 90-calendar day orientation period, unless waived by the supervisor. If the supervisor waives the orientation period, the employee has full contractual rights and benefits. The purpose of the orientation period is to learn and demonstrate the ability to perform the job.