OPTIONAL TWELVE-MONTH PAY PLAN. 1. Where the Previous Collective Agreement does not contain a provision that allows an employee the option of receiving partial payment of annual salary in July and August, the following shall become and remain part of the Collective Agreement.
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OPTIONAL TWELVE-MONTH PAY PLAN a. The Board and Association agree to the establishment of an optional twelve month pay plan, hereinafter called the Plan.
OPTIONAL TWELVE-MONTH PAY PLAN. PCA Article B.8 is not applicable in School District No. 22 (Xxxxxx). [See Article B.9 Pay Periods.]
OPTIONAL TWELVE-MONTH PAY PLAN. [Article B.8.1 through B.8.10 is not applicable in School District No. 57 (Prince Xxxxxx). See B.8.11 below.] [Local Provisions]
OPTIONAL TWELVE-MONTH PAY PLAN. [Article B8.1 through B8.10 is not applicable in SD40. See B8.11 and B9.4 below] LOCAL PROVISIONS
OPTIONAL TWELVE-MONTH PAY PLAN. (Provincial Agreement) Contact/Process Teacher requests the school district to deduct a specific amount from their monthly net pay. The school district holds these funds and pays out 50% on July 15th and August 15th into the teacher’s chequing account. For 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 the School District retains all interest earned. Subsequent years the teachers are credited for Interest for the period January to March, and interest for April – August remains with the School District (Provincial Plan). 1. Contact Payroll (Xxxxxx Xxxxxx) if you have questions. Fill out the form and forward to Payroll. LOCAL LETTERS OF UNDERSTANDING Letter of Understanding Between Shuswap Teachers’ Association And British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) And The Board of School Trustees of School District No. 83 (North Okanagan-Shuswap) (the Board) And British Columbia Public School Employers’ Association (BCPSEA) Re: Speech and Language Pathologists Whereas the Labour Relations Board on June 24, 2002, granted a variation in the certification of the BCTF to include all speech and language pathologists employed by the Board; The parties agree to establish terms and conditions of employment for those employees as follows:
OPTIONAL TWELVE-MONTH PAY PLAN provincial language B.8
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  • Health Care Savings Plan As provided in this Agreement, eligible ASF Members will participate in the health care savings plan (HCSP) established under Minnesota Statute 352.98, and as administered by the Plan Administrator. The Employer is responsible only for transferring funds, as specified in this agreement, to the Plan Administrator.

  • Dental Care Plan The Welfare Plan will include a Dental Care Plan which will reimburse members for expenses incurred in respect of the coverages summarized in Appendix "1". The Plan will not duplicate benefits provided now or which may be provided in the future by any government program.

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