Teacher Requests Sample Clauses

Teacher Requests. Teacher preferences in instructional and non-instructional assignments submitted to the building principal in writing prior to May 1 will be considered in developing the master schedule. Individual instructional assignments will be given to teachers prior to the end of the school year. Individual teachers will be informed of any changes in assignments that become necessary due to personnel changes, occurring after August 1, as soon as practical.

Related to Teacher Requests

  • Transfer Requests The Partnership agrees to use its Reasonable Best Efforts to promptly process, and to cause the Exchange Agent to promptly process, all sale or other transfer requests relating to the Contributor Units that are exempt from the registration requirements of the Securities Act.

  • Other Requested Information Promptly following any request therefor, such other information regarding the operations, business affairs and financial condition of the Borrower or any Subsidiary (including, without limitation, any Plan or Multiemployer Plan and any reports or other information required to be filed under ERISA), or compliance with the terms of this Agreement or any other Loan Document, as the Administrative Agent or any Lender may reasonably request.

  • Requests Whenever practicable, employees shall submit written requests for sick leave, on forms furnished by the Appointing Authority, in advance of the period of absence. When advance notice is not possible, employees shall notify their supervisor by telephone or other means at the earliest opportunity. Supervisors shall respond promptly and shall answer all written requests in writing. Written requests for sick leave shall only state which category of leave specified in Section 3A and B is to be used. However, the supervisor may orally inquire into the specific reason for the request.

  • REGULATORY ADMINISTRATION SERVICES BNY Mellon shall provide the following regulatory administration services for each Fund and Series: § Assist the Fund in responding to SEC examination requests by providing requested documents in the possession of BNY Mellon that are on the SEC examination request list and by making employees responsible for providing services available to regulatory authorities having jurisdiction over the performance of such services as may be required or reasonably requested by such regulatory authorities; § Assist with and/or coordinate such other filings, notices and regulatory matters and other due diligence requests or requests for proposal on such terms and conditions as BNY Mellon and the applicable Fund on behalf of itself and its Series may mutually agree upon in writing from time to time; and

  • Service Requests The Company and SCANA Services will prepare a Service Request on or before April 1 of each year listing services to be provided to the Company by SCANA Services and any special arrangements related to the provision of such services for the coming year, based on services provided during the past year. The Company and SCANA Services may supplement the Service Request during the year to reflect any additional or special services that the Company wishes to obtain from SCANA Services, and the arrangements relating thereto.

  • Stop Payment Order Request Any owner may request a stop payment order on any check or draft drawn on the owner’s account. To be binding, the order must be in writing, dated and signed, and must accurately describe the check or draft, including the exact account number, the check or draft number, and the exact amount of the check or draft. This exact information is necessary for the Credit Union’s computer to identify the check or draft. If we receive incorrect or incomplete information, we will not be responsible for failing to stop payment on the check or draft. In addition, we must receive sufficient advance notice of the stop payment order to allow us a reasonable opportunity to act on it. If we recredit your account after paying a check or draft over a valid and timely stop payment order, you agree to sign a statement describing the dispute with the payee, to assign to us all of your rights against the payee or other holders of the check or draft, and to assist us in any legal action.

  • Procedures for LNP Request The Parties shall provide for the requesting of End Office LNP capability on a reciprocal basis through a written request. The Parties acknowledge that Verizon has deployed LNP throughout its network in compliance with FCC 96-286 and other applicable FCC Regulations.

  • ERISA Notices and Requests Furnish Agent with immediate written notice in the event that (i) any Borrower or any member of the Controlled Group knows or has reason to know that a Termination Event has occurred, together with a written statement describing such Termination Event and the action, if any, which such Borrower or any member of the Controlled Group has taken, is taking, or proposes to take with respect thereto and, when known, any action taken or threatened by the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor or PBGC with respect thereto, (ii) any Borrower or any member of the Controlled Group knows or has reason to know that a prohibited transaction (as defined in Sections 406 of ERISA and 4975 of the Code) has occurred together with a written statement describing such transaction and the action which such Borrower or any member of the Controlled Group has taken, is taking or proposes to take with respect thereto, (iii) a funding waiver request has been filed with respect to any Plan together with all communications received by any Borrower or any member of the Controlled Group with respect to such request, (iv) any increase in the benefits of any existing Plan or the establishment of any new Plan or the commencement of contributions to any Plan to which any Borrower or any member of the Controlled Group was not previously contributing shall occur, (v) any Borrower or any member of the Controlled Group shall receive from the PBGC a notice of intention to terminate a Plan or to have a trustee appointed to administer a Plan, together with copies of each such notice, (vi) any Borrower or any member of the Controlled Group shall receive any favorable or unfavorable determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service regarding the qualification of a Plan under Section 401(a) of the Code, together with copies of each such letter; (vii) any Borrower or any member of the Controlled Group shall receive a notice regarding the imposition of withdrawal liability, together with copies of each such notice; (viii) any Borrower or any member of the Controlled Group shall fail to make a required installment or any other required payment under Section 412 of the Code on or before the due date for such installment or payment; (ix) any Borrower or any member of the Controlled Group knows that (a) a Multiemployer Plan has been terminated, (b) the administrator or plan sponsor of a Multiemployer Plan intends to terminate a Multiemployer Plan, or (c) the PBGC has instituted or will institute proceedings under Section 4042 of ERISA to terminate a Multiemployer Plan.

  • Bona Fide Request/New Business Request Process for Further Unbundling 6.1 BellSouth shall, upon request of <<customer_name>>, provide to <<customer_name>> access to its network elements at any technically feasible point for the provision of <<customer_name>>'s telecommunications service where such access is necessary and failure to provide access would impair the ability of <<customer_name>> to provide services that it seeks to offer. Any request by <<customer_name>> for access to a network element, interconnection option, or for the provisioning of any service or product that is not already available shall be treated as a Bona Fide Request/New Business Request (BFR/NBR), and shall be submitted to BellSouth pursuant to the BFR/NBR process.

  • Employer Requested Leave Leave of absence without loss of pay, seniority and all benefits shall be granted to employees whenever the Employer requires an employee to take designated courses and/or examinations. The cost of the course and/or any examination fee and reasonable expenses incurred in taking the course and/or examination shall be paid by the Employer.