Option to Lease Sample Clauses

Option to Lease. The Receiver hereby grants to the Assuming Institution an exclusive option for the period of ninety (90) days commencing the day after Bank Closing to cause the Receiver to assign to the Assuming Institution any or all leases for leased Bank Premises, if any, which have been continuously occupied by the Assuming Institution from Bank Closing to the date it elects to accept an assignment of the leases with respect thereto to the extent such leases can be assigned; provided, that the exercise of this option with respect to any lease must be as to all premises or other property subject to the lease. If an assignment cannot be made of any such leases, the Receiver may, in its discretion, enter into subleases with the Assuming Institution containing the same terms and conditions provided under such existing leases for such leased Bank Premises or other property. The Assuming Institution shall give notice to the Receiver within the option period of its election to accept or not to accept an assignment of any or all leases (or enter into subleases or new leases in lieu thereof). The Assuming Institution agrees to assume all leases assigned (or enter into subleases or new leases in lieu thereof) pursuant to this Section 4.6. If the Assuming Institution gives notice of its election not to accept an assignment of a lease for one or more of the leased Bank Premises within seven (7) days of Bank Closing, then, not withstanding any other provision of this Agreement to the contrary, the Assuming Institution shall not be liable for any of the costs or fees associated with appraisals for the Fixtures, Furniture and Equipment located on such leased Bank Premises.
Option to Lease. During the term of this Agreement, or during the term of any extension hereof, LICENSEE may exercise an option to lease the PREMISES pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth in the Mining Lease attached hereto as EXHIBIT "B" and made a part hereof as though set forth in its entirety. The option to lease shall be deemed exercised when LICENSOR has received a certified check in the amount of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00), together with two (2) copies of EXHIBIT
Option to Lease. The Landlord hereby grants CleanTech (including any affiliate of CleanTech) the right, but not the obligation (the “Lease Option”), to enter into the Lease Agreement on or before the date that is the 30th day following the date that the Threshold Permit and Approval is issued by the NJ DEP (the “Option Date”).
Option to Lease. In consideration of the sum of FIFTY THOUSAND AND --------------- NO/ 100 DOLLARS ($50,000.00) (hereinafter referred to as the "First Fee") to be paid to the Company upon execution hereof, the Company hereby grants to divine interVentures, inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Tenant") an option (hereinafter referred to as the "Option") to enter into the Lease, as described in Paragraph 7 hereof, on or prior to July 31, 1999 (said date is hereinafter referred to as the "End of the Option". Tenant may extend the End of the Option for seven (7) additional calendar months upon payment of an additional amount of FIFTY THOUSAND AND NO/100 DOLLARS ($50,000.00) to the Company for each such extension, on or before: (i) August 1, 1999, with respect to an extension of the End of the Option to August 31, 1999; (ii) September 1, 1999, with respect to an extension of the End of the Option to September 30, 1999; (iii) October 1, 1999 with respect to an extension of the End of the Option to October 31, 1999; (iv) November 1, 1999 with respect to an extension of the End of the Option to November 30, 1999; (v) December 1, 1999 with respect to an extension of the End of the Option to December 31, 1999; (vi) January 1, 2000 with respect to an extension of the End of the Option to January 31, 2000; and (vii) February 1, 2000 with respect to an extension of the End of the Option to February 28, 2000 (the aggregate additional amounts so paid is hereinafter referred to as the "Additional Fee," and the sum of the Additional Fee and the First Fee is hereinafter referred to as the "Fee"). In the event that Tenant fails to pay any monthly installment of the Additional Fee in a timely manner: the Tenant shall be deemed to have elected to not exercise the Option and all previously paid installments of the Fee shall be deemed to be forfeited to the Company. In the event that the Tenant exercises the Option, the Fee shall be returned to Tenant. Furthermore, you agree that, in further consideration of the grant of the Option and provided that the Tenant does not enter into the Lease or purchase the Property on or before February 28, 2000, Tenant shall, within five (5) days after demand therefor by the Company, pay Two Hundred Thousand Dollars and No Cents ($200,000.00) (the "Building Material Loss Fee") to the Company. Additionally, in further consideration of the grant of the Option; (i) Tenant shall pay all design and engineering fees and costs incurred with respect to the proposed ren...
Option to Lease. Subject to the rights of any existing tenants, Landlord hereby grants Tenant an option to lease the space comprising the balance of the Building of 58,601 square feet ("Expansion Space") upon the expiration of the existing lease on the Expansion Space. Tenant shall have the option, which may be exercised by written notice to Landlord at any time within forty-five (45) days after Tenant's receipt of Landlord's notice, to agree to lese the Expansion Space at Fair Market Rental determined pursuant to paragraph 39. The lease term for the Expansion Space shall be coterminous with the expiration of this Lease and shall provide for a five year option to extend at Fair Market Rental. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event Tenant fails to exercise this option within said forty-five (45) days, Landlord shall have one hundred eighty (180) days thereafter to lese the Expansion Space at Fair Market Rental. In the event Landlord fails to lease the Expansion Space within said one hundred eighty (180) day period, Landlord shall be required to resubmit such offer to Tenant in accordance with this paragraph 40(a).
Option to Lease. Optionor hereby grants to Optionee an Option to Lease the Land (hereinafter "Option to Lease") , which Option to Lease shall be exercisable by Optionee for a period of nine (9) months after the execution of this Agreement (the "Lease Option Period") (i.e., the last date of the Lease Option Period will be November 13, 1997). The form of the Lease ("the Lease") which is to be the subject of the Option to Lease is attached hereto as Exhibit "2". The Lease Commencement Date shall not be later than the day following the end of the Lease Option Period, or any extension thereof. The Lease will not be effective until the Lease Jd / P.S. --------------------- initials / initials 1 Commencement Date, whether or not it is signed prior to the Lease Commencement Date, and the Lease shall be signed by Optionor (as Lessor) and Optionee (as Lessee) on or before the Lease Commencement Date.
Option to Lease. Upon expiration or termination of this Agreement in its entirety, CLIENT shall have the option to enter a long-term lease of the Singapore Facility or the portion of the Singapore Facility where Products are manufactured or purchase the Singapore Facility if production of Products occupy one hundred percent (100%) of the Singapore Facility or are the only products manufactured in the Singapore Facility, provided that such option shall be subject to good faith negotiations between the Parties regarding the terms of any such lease or purchase agreement, on terms and conditions to be negotiated in good faith and included in the lease. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if CLIENT exercises such option, LONZA will have the right to rent back those portions of the Singapore Facility necessary to continue to use the Singapore Facility to fulfill existing manufacturing obligations until such obligations are able to be reasonably transitioned to other Facilities.
Option to Lease. (a) Landlord grants to Tenant an option (the "Option") to lease a portion of the Property consisting of (i) a room/cabinet/ground area space of approximately One thousand five hundred forty six (1546) square feet approximately 70’ x 13.5’ including the air space above such room/cabinet/ground space and (ii) space on the structure together with such easements as are necessary for the antennas and initial installation as described on attached Exhibit 1 (collectively, the "Premises").
Option to Lease. Subject to the condition of Party B’s due observance and performance of the terms and conditions of this Lease, Party A agrees to grant to Party B an option to expand under which the Tenant shall have the right to take the lease of the adjoining property which should comprise of a site area of approximately 10000 square meters and a building of a total floor area of approximately 5000 square meters (the “Adjoining Property”) for the purpose of running and operating as a secondary school SUBJECT to the following:
Option to Lease. (a) In consideration of the payment of Two Hundred Dollars ($200) (the "Option Fee") by Tenant to Landlord, Landlord hereby grants to Tenant an option to lease the use of a portion of the real property described below, on the terms and conditions set forth herein (the “Option”). The Option shall be for an initial term of 12 months, commencing on the date hereof and ending one (1) year thereafter (the “Option Period”). The Option Period may be extended by Tenant for an additional 12 months upon written notice to Landlord and payment of the sum of Two Hundred Dollars ($200) ("Additional Option Fee") at any time prior to the end of the Option Period.