Site Plan Sample Clauses

Site Plan. It is Licensee’s responsibility before signing this Agreement to ensure that the Site Plan correctly shows the work that Licensee intends to perform, that the Site Plan correctly shows all improvements and equipment that Licensee intends be located on the Use Areas, that the Site Plan shows no work, improvements or equipment outside the Exclusive Areas and Shared Areas properly depicted and labeled on the Boundary Plan, and that all work, improvements and equipment is encompassed within the purposes enumerated in the Standard Terms for that particular Exclusive Area or Shared Area. Any work, improvements or equipment not conforming to all the foregoing is prohibited, even if it is clearly shown on the Site Plan or discussed in the Standard Terms. Any refinement or other change to the Site Plan after Licensor executes this Agreement is void unless Licensee obtains Licensee’s approval of the change pursuant to the plans approval processes set out in the Standard Terms and pursuant to all applicable regulatory requirements.
Site Plan. The Site Plan will pertain to the total area of development and improvement included in the Major Phase, including the development sites, streets, Open Space and Infrastructure. A Site Plan or Plans as needed (at a scale of l” = 100’), should conceptually indicate:
Site Plan. The Landlord covenants that the Center is or shall be developed in accordance with the Site Plan and that it shall be used as a retail shopping center throughout the term of this Lease. The Landlord may not modify or replace the Site Plan without the prior written consent of the Tenant, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed. No such modification or replacement shall (i) reduce the ratio of parking spaces to gross leasable area of buildings in the Center shown on the Site Plan, (ii) reduce or rearrange the parking spaces cross-hatched on the Site Plan, (ii) interfere with truck access to the loading doors of the Premises, (iv) interfere with customer access to the Premises or the parking areas closest to the Premises, (v) interfere with the visibility of the Premises from the roads providing direct access to the Center or (vi) result in the construction of any buildings in the area designated "No Build Area" on the Site Plan.
Site Plan. The Developer has previously provided a site plan and elevations to the CRA for the Project as referenced on Exhibit “D” attached hereto (the attached site plan and elevations are collectively, the “Site Plan”). The CRA hereby acknowledges and agrees that the Site Plan is acceptable to the CRA. The foregoing shall in no way constitute or be construed as the approval or issuance of a development order, it being expressly acknowledged and agreed by the Developer that the Site Plan will require separate submission, review, and approval pursuant to the requirements of the City’s Code. Except for a Permitted Change (as hereinafter defined), no changes, alterations or modifications shall be made to the Site Plan (either prior to or after approval by the City) without the prior written approval of the CRA, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, delayed or conditioned; provided, however such approval may be withheld in the CRA’s sole and absolute discretion if the requested change, alteration or modification consists of a Material Change. For purposes of this Agreement, a “Material Change” means and refers to a requested change, alteration or modification to that (i) in the aggregate with all other changes, alterations and modifications increases or decreases the square footage of the condominium building and/or the common areas by ten percent (10%) or more, (ii) changes the number of stories of a building, and/or (iii) deletes any Project amenities. Following approval of the Site Plan for the Project by the City staff pursuant to the City’s Code, except for Permitted Changes, the Developer shall not initiate or request review by City staff of any changes or alterations to the approved Site Plan for the Project without the prior written approval of the CRA, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed. In the event the approval process by the Governmental Authorities results in changes to the Site Plan that materially and adversely impacts the Developer’s development scheme, plan, marketability, profitability and/or financeability of the Project, then Developer shall have the right to terminate this Agreement by giving written notice to the CRA whereupon all obligations and liabilities of the parties hereunder shall terminate and the Developer shall pay the Inspection Costs.
Site Plan. A comprehensive site plan of the Plant, the Option Parcel and any appurtenant, beneficial or burdening easements, rights of way, and other rights or interests with respect to Real Property utilized in the operation of the Credit Parties’ business, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent;
Site Plan. The Site Plan attached as Exhibit A to the Original Lease is hereby deleted and replaced by Exhibit A attached hereto and made a part hereof. All references in the Lease to the Site Plan shall mean and refer to Exhibit “A” attached hereto.
Site Plan. It is the Company’s responsibility before signing this Attachment Site License to ensure that the Site Plan correctly shows the work that Company intends to perform, that the Site Plan correctly shows all improvements and equipment that Company intends to be located on the ROW Use Areas, and that all areas of the ROW that will be occupied are identified. The elevations and locations actually occupied by any antennas and their supporting brackets must be identified, clearly defined and correctly labeled on the Site Plan. Any proposed generators of any type (whether permanent or temporary) must be identified, clearly defined as to specific dimensions and plan for usage and correctly labeled on the Site Plan. Any fiber optic cable within the Pole must be identified and the placement as such must be approved by the City.
Site Plan. Landlord reserves the right to modify the dimensions and configuration of the Shopping Center, including buildings, parking spaces, landscaping and common areas. Landlord reserves the right to make alterations and/or additions to any building in the Shopping Center, build additional stories, construct multi-story, elevated or underground parking facilities, and construct roofs, walls, and any other improvements over, to, or in connection with any store unit or building in the Shopping Center in order to enclose same into a mall.
Site Plan. If proposed work elements require design and installation outside existing buildings or structures, a site plan showing recommended siting of material or equipment shall be prepared for Government review and written approval as a part of the design package. It is recommended that the Contractor propose alternate sites for review in case the primary site is unavailable.
Site Plan. Any map of the Community in any sales office of Builder may not be an official site plan. It is typically an artist’s rendering and is not necessarily drawn to scale. This map is intended to give Buyer a general overview of the development. The site plan may not reflect all easements with accuracy. Lot lines are also described on the recorded plat map which is available at the sales office. The site plan does not constitute a guarantee that the community will be built out or developed as shown therein, and Builder makes representation or warranty as to the accuracy of such drawings.