Monthly Installment definition

Monthly Installment means such amount as specified in the Schedule or as may be revised from time to time by the Lender, payable by the Borrower/s to the Lender, on a monthly basis, to amortise the Loan with the Interest (as applicable) thereon, during the tenor of the Loan.
Monthly Installment has the meaning set forth in Section 2(a).
Monthly Installment is defined in the Note.

Examples of Monthly Installment in a sentence

  • The Monthly Installments shall be paid in advance, without demand, deduction or set off, on the first (1st) day of each and every calendar month during the Contract Term; provided, however that the first Monthly Installment shall be due fifteen (15) days prior to the Start Date.

  • The Resident has the right to install or rekey a security device required by Subchapter D, Chapter 92 of the Texas Property Code and deduct the reasonable cost from the Resident’s next Monthly Installment as provided by §92.164(a)(1) of the Texas Property Code.

  • If Resident has elected to rent a Parking Space at the Facility, and Landlord has provided Resident with a Parking Confirmation, Resident shall pay the Monthly Parking Fee, due and payable each month along with the Monthly Installment.

  • Any accord, satisfaction, conditions or limitations noted by Resident on any payment of the Monthly Installment, Additional Fees, or other sum due under this Contract shall be null and void.

  • If Resident is delinquent in any Monthly Installment at the time a repair notice is given, Landlord is not obligated to make the repair.

More Definitions of Monthly Installment

Monthly Installment means the monthly payments of interest required to be made by Borrower pursuant to Section 2.2 of this Note.
Monthly Installment means the “Total Minimum Payment Amountdue and payable by the Cardmember’s to the Bank for only those transactions made by the Cardmember on his Credit Card Facility prior to the occurrence of the relevant Event as is evidenced by the Credit Card Statements of the Cardmember.
Monthly Installment. Subject to the Free Rent set forth in Paragraph 1 of Exhibit “A”, the Monthly Installment shall be as follows: Months Monthly Installment 1 —12 $2,013.71 13 — 24 $2,074.77 25 — 36 $2,137.13 37 — 39 $2,200.79
Monthly Installment means the monthly payments to be made by Borrower under Section 2.3. -----------
Monthly Installment means the amount due on each payment due date (as specified in the Credit Card statement) that includes (i) the total outstanding covered under the EPP divided by the number of months of the Tenure, and (ii) any interest, fees, charges and expenses charged by Mashreq.