Monthly Installment definition

Monthly Installment means such amount as specified in the Schedule or as may be revised from time to time by the Lender, payable by the Borrower/s to the Lender, on a monthly basis, to amortise the Loan with the Interest (as applicable) thereon, during the tenor of the Loan.
Monthly Installment has the meaning set forth in Section 2(a).
Monthly Installment is defined in the Note.

Examples of Monthly Installment in a sentence

  • You understand and acknowledge that you are signing a lease for a Floor Plan Type (a “Floor Plan Lease”), and that pursuant to Section 5 of this Lease, your Monthly Installment Amount is subject to final assignment and the applicable Space Option premiums associated with the specific Unit and Bedroom assigned.

  • Monthly Installment Amount and Monthly Installment Fee Calculation of the monthly installment fee When you create an installment plan, you will be charged a monthly installment fee.

  • As such, your final Monthly Installment Amount may vary based upon Space Option premiums assessed or not assessed for location, floor level, view, master or standard bedroom types, balcony or patio, walk-in closet, or other value added or removed variations from the basic Floor Plan Type.

  • In the event that the you are assigned to a Unit and Bedroom that does not include a Space Option(s) that was originally indicated in this Lease, your Aggregate Rent and Monthly Installment amounts will be adjusted to reflect the removal of the Space Option(s), and according to the prevailing market rate assessed for such items.

  • At our option, and without notice to you, any money that we receive from you can first be applied to any outstanding charges (including but not limited to late fees, damage or repair charges, returned check fees, fines, utility charges, and other sums owed under this Lease) that you owe us and then to the current Monthly Installment of Rent, regardless of whether or not you have made notations on the form of payment and regardless of when the obligation came about.

More Definitions of Monthly Installment

Monthly Installment means the monthly payments of interest required to be made by Borrower pursuant to Section 2.2 of this Note.
Monthly Installment means the installments payable by the Borrower on a monthly basis to amortize the Loan, of such amount as may be determined by the Bank from time to time under this Agreement and comprises of both principal amount of the Loan and interest thereon. Such Monthly Installments may either be equated or otherwise.
Monthly Installment means the “Total Minimum Payment Amountdue and payable by the Cardmember’s to the Bank for only those transactions made by the Cardmember on his Credit Card Facility prior to the occurrence of the relevant Event as is evidenced by the Credit Card Statements of the Cardmember.
Monthly Installment. Subject to the Free Rent set forth in Paragraph 1 of Exhibit “A”, the Monthly Installment shall be as follows: Months Monthly Installment 1 —12 $2,013.71 13 — 24 $2,074.77 25 — 36 $2,137.13 37 — 39 $2,200.79
Monthly Installment means the total minimum payment due payable to the Bank by the Cardmember as set out in the last billing statement issued prior to the occurrence of the Event giving rise to a claim.
Monthly Installment means the sum agreed in the Contract as payable by the Region of Local Councils, on behalf of the individual components thereof, to the Contractor each month.
Monthly Installment means the amount of monthly payments required to be paid to the Lender which may be either fixed (EMI) or variable as set out in the Schedule and Annexure attached hereto, to amortise the Loan with Interest over the tenure of the Loan.