Operations definition

Operations means all the activities conducted by PURCHASER under this contract, including project work, logging, or post harvest activities; or the furnishing of all materials, equipment, labor, and incidentals necessary to successfully complete any individual item or the entire contract.
Operations means office maintenance, including salaries and expenses of employees, office supplies, consultation fees, design costs, and other expenses incurred in the daily management of the authority and planning of its activities.
Operations means your business activities occurring at the described premises.

Examples of Operations in a sentence

  • These results are excluded because they are irrelevant to our ongoing operations and do not qualify for Discontinued Operations under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles ("GAAP").

  • Non-Core Operations includes the results of our Preferred Insurance business which we expect to fully exit.

  • Such costs reduce margin for Management’s Results of Operations reported in our periodic filings.

  • See notes (b) and (c) on the Consolidated Statement of Operations included later in this release.

  • As a result, gains or losses related to market fluctuations on advisor and employee deferred compensation plans are presented in the same line item as the related increase or decrease in compensation expense for purposes of Management's Statements of Operations.

More Definitions of Operations

Operations means the pursuit of economic activities;
Operations means the activities carried out under this Agreement.
Operations means actions performed at the Client’s Account, following an order placed by the Client, connected with but not limited to crediting of funds, return of funds, opening and closing of trade transactions/positions and/or that relate to financial instruments.
Operations means the operation and maintenance of the Facilities and\or System including manning, operating, inspection, repair and other operations required for fulfilling the Operator obligations under the Contract.
Operations means the pursuit and the maintenance of economic activities;
Operations means a course of procedure or productive activity for purposes of conducting and carrying on the business of a “Large-Scale Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation” or “CAFO,” including populating animal housing facilities, storing and managing animal and other waste materials, and conducting any other business activities.
Operations means labor, materials and chemicals used regularly, and work activities performed on a recurring basis throughout the year that are intended to meet routine, daily func- tional needs. Work activities may include any of the following: