Operations definition

Operations means your business activities occurring at the described premises.
Operations means the pursuit of economic activities;

Examples of Operations in a sentence

Broad Form Property Damage including Completed Operations: Expands the Property Damage coverage to include certain losses that would otherwise be excluded by the standard care, custody or control exclusion found in a standard policy.

Products and Completed Operations: Coverage for bodily injury or property damage arising out of goods or products manufactured, sold, handled, or distributed by the Contractor and/or arising out of operations that have been completed by the Contractor.

However, on May 24, 2018, the Government Operations Committee filed a 5-day stay; new effective date June 23, 2018.

The Contractor must be responsible to provide and maintain coverage for Products/Completed Operations hazards on its Commercial General Liability insurance policy, for a period of six (6) years beyond the date of the Certificate of Substantial Performance.

Unless otherwise indicated, all financial information represents the Company’s results from Continuing Operations.

More Definitions of Operations

Operations means the activities carried out under this Agreement.
Operations means your business activities occurring at the "scheduled premises" and tenantability of the "scheduled premises".
Operations means the activities carried out by the Company under this Agreement.
Operations means the pursuit and the maintenance of economic activities;
Operations means oil and gas exploration, development, and production, and all operations relating thereto, including: (i) the acquisition, purchase, sale, development, operation, maintenance, use and abandonment of oil, gas, and mineral leases and related interests; (ii) the drilling, reworking, production, purchase, sale, transportation, storage, processing, treating, manufacture, and disposal of, or for, Hydrocarbons and associated by-products and wastes; and (iii) the acquisition, construction, installation, maintenance, use, and operation of related Equipment and Operating Inventory.