Ancillary service definition

Ancillary service means a supplemental service that supports the diagnosis or treatment of the patient’s condition. Examples include diagnostic testing or screening services and rehabilitative services such as physical or occupational therapy.
Ancillary service means any of the services listed in Section B of Annex I;
Ancillary service means a service that is associated with or

Examples of Ancillary service in a sentence

  • Ancillary service costs determined by the commission to be necessarily incurred to ensure the quality and reliability of renewable energy or advanced cleaner energy used to meet the renewable energy standards, regardless of the ownership of a renewable energy system or advanced cleaner energy technology.

  • Priority boarding is an optional Ancillary service fee that allows boarding of the aircraft after pre-boarding and prior to general boarding.a) Priority boarding fees are non-refundable except if the booking is cancelled within 24 hours of booking and outside 7 days of departure.

  • AMLAnti-Money Laundering Ancillary service providerA person who is licensed by the CBB in relation to the carrying on of one or more ancillary services, such as providing compliance services, data-processing services, or a local service or management office, with respect to other CBB licensees.

  • As used in 410 IAC 15-3: "Ancillary service charges" means the difference between total service charges per stay and the daily service charges.

  • Ancillary service revenue is recognized when such services are rendered.

More Definitions of Ancillary service

Ancillary service means any service specified in paragraph 5 of Schedule 1.6 (Franchise Services);
Ancillary service means services provided in the context of or together with core platform services, including payment services as defined in point 3 of Article 4 and technical services which support the provision of payment services as defined in Article 3(j) of Directive (EU) 2015/2366, fulfilment, identification or advertising services;
Ancillary service means a service necessary for the operation of a transmission or distribution system, including balancing and non-frequency ancillary services, but not including congestion management;
Ancillary service means any function necessary to the provision of electric transmission or distribution service to a retail customer and includes, but is not limited to, scheduling, system control, and dispatch services; reactive supply from generation resources and voltage control service; reactive supply from transmission resources service; regulation service; frequency response service; energy imbalance service; operating reserve-spinning reserve service; operating reserve- supplemental reserve service; load following; back-up supply service; real-power loss replacement service; dynamic scheduling; system black start capability; and network stability service.
Ancillary service means all hospital services for patient care other than room and board and nursing services, including but not limited to, laboratory, radiology, drugs, delivery room (including maternity labor room), operating room (including postanesthesia and postoperative recovery rooms), and therapy services (physical, speech, and occupational).