Hours of Operation definition

Hours of Operation are the hours established by the Employer to provide adequate service to the public and to fulfil the functions of the work unit.
Hours of Operation means the hours of the day or night that a family day care home or large family child care home has children in care.
Hours of Operation means the hours of the day or night that a school readiness program has children in care.

Examples of Hours of Operation in a sentence

  • He would also like to participate in a Marijuana Task Force with other Recreational Marijuana establishments, with City representation as well.The Hours of operation would be Mon-Thu, 10am-8pm, Fri-Sat, 10am-10pm & Sun 12pm-5pm.

  • If located on the same lot as the construction/demolition landfill, a recycling facility may be permitted as an accessory use provided it accepts construction/demolition waste only and complies with the requirements provided in Section 17.16.110.D.6. Hours of operation.

  • Hours of operation of said centers will be set to maximize convenience to residents of that area.

  • The sort of information that should be included is:o Hours of operation and location of facilities.

  • Hours of operation - 10 AM to 11 PM Monday to Saturday and 12 noon to 9 PM Sundays.

More Definitions of Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation means the specific days of the week and time period during a day when a certificate holder provides child care services on a regular basis.
Hours of Operation. Contractor shall provide full case management SEC/home detention program services utilizing a GPS system for program Participants on a daily twenty-four (24) hour continuous basis. Full case management SEC/home detention program services utilizing a GPS system will be utilized by the Probation’s Special Supervision Division as a supervision tool to monitor Offenders outside of jail, thereby reserving jail beds for more serious Offenders. Contractor shall be responsible for the daily twenty-four (24) hour continuous electronic monitoring of Participants. Contractor will be expected to provide: 1) a means of verifying all departures from and returns to the place of confinement, 2) a means of verifying location(s) of Offenders when away from the place of confinement, and 3) notification to the Administrator, or designee, of the probable violation of court-ordered conditions and program requirements, in a manner designated by the Administrator, as outlined in the Notification and Response Protocol Requirements (“NRPR”) document, attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference to this Contract as Attachment D, as may be modified from time to time. The NRPR is a document to be provided by Probation to Contractor as an operational daily monitoring guideline. Examples of reportable incidents on the NRPR are tamper alarm incidents and alerts which may include, but are not limited to, strap tampering, disconnect, intentional cutting, and prolonged out of range.
Hours of Operation means 24/7 for Severe Problems and Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time for Minor Problems. Google may, at its reasonable discretion, change or expand the hours of operation with reasonable notice to Customer.
Hours of Operation means the hours within the terms of the license during which children are actually in the care of the center.
Hours of Operation mean the times as set out in Schedule A within the “Hours of TAP” Section.
Hours of Operation are the hours established by the Commission to carry out its functions.
Hours of Operation of a BAIFA toll facility zone means the hours when BAIFA is operating the BAIFA toll facility on any day within the maximum hours of operation set forth in Attachment A to this ordinance and as displayed on BAIFA signs and other official signs or traffic control devices. The hours of operation of a BAIFA toll facility zone shall not extend beyond the hours when the zone is otherwise restricted to use by high occupancy vehicles.