Nursing Sample Clauses

Nursing. The Employer shall use its best efforts to schedule all full-­‐time employees at Talbot Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare for one (1) weekend off in each consecutive three (3) weekends, and will use its best efforts to schedule regular part-­‐time employees for at least one (1) weekend off in each consecutive four (4) weekends. Where continuous weekend work is mutually agreed between the Employer and the employee this paragraph shall be waived. The Employer shall not be restricted in using various schedules that provide for one (1) weekend off in each consecutive three (3) weekends.
Nursing. For the purposes of this section only, the following workload calculation and maxima will be used. On-campus components of nursing clinical courses shall receive .66 teaching hours per contact hour. Off-campus components of nursing clinical courses shall receive one (1) TH per contact hour with the following stipulations: Faculty with term contracts may teach up to 15 TH per semester and 30 TH per academic year; however, overload pay for such faculty shall begin at 17 TH per semester in any semester or 33 TH in any academic year. Workload distribution in teaching, scholarship, and service for these faculty members will be determined annually by the faculty member and his or her chair.
Nursing. A Doctoral degree is the required credential; however, Members in the School of Nursing hired prior to July 1, 2019 will be grand-fathered, unless their letter of appointment states otherwise.
Nursing. Contractor shall, in addition to nursing requirements of OAR 411-054:
Nursing. The Head of Nursing and Care will be responsible for the provision of the necessary nursing and "care" facilities appropriate for Residents in a Registered Nursing Home. Except in emergencies and at the Society's absolute discretion the Society cannot provide nursing and medical support normally only available in hospital. Should circumstances arise where hospitalisation becomes necessary this will be advised by the Home's G.P. service to the Sponsor and the Resident.
Nursing. In the event of birth, adoption or guardianship for the purposes of adoption or fostering, in accor- dance with article 45.1.d) of the Statute of WorkersRights, employees are entitled to one hour off work per day for nursing purposes until the child is nine months old. This hour may be taken in two parts. The duration of this entitlement shall be proportionally incremented in cases of multiple births, adoptions or guardianships for the purposes of adoption and fostering. Employees exercising this right may opt to replace these hours with a half-hour reduction in working hours for the same purpose or accumulate the hours into full working days of leave taken consecuti- vely immediately after the end of the suspension from employment for maternity. This accumulation, if chosen, shall come to a period of remunerated leave of 20 calendar days. This constitutes an individual worker’s right available to men and women, but can only be exercised by one of the parents if both are working. In the case of premature births or when the newborn must remain hospitalised after the birth, the mother or father shall be entitled to one hour off work for nursing. They shall also be entitled to re- duce their working hours up to a maximum of two hours, with the proportional wage drop. The working hour scheduling and period during which the nursing entitlement can be taken shall be determined by the employee within their ordinary working hours. Notice of 15 days must be given, specifying the date of commencement and completion of the nursing period.