Nursing Sample Clauses

Nursing. Contractor shall, in addition to nursing requirements of OAR Chapter 411 Division 054:
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Nursing. 1. Summer Session salaries for full time practical nursing faculty shall be at the same daily rate as their regular contract that is defined as 173 days for purposes of salary proration. The daily rate is computed by dividing the employee’s regular contract salary by 173 days. An employee can be paid in half day or full day increments.
Nursing. Contractor shall provide a minimum of 1 FTE Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and an additional 0.5 FTE Registered Nurse (RN) with current, unencumbered Oregon licenses. Licensed nursing must be available continuously On-Call. Contractor’s RN or LPN, within the scope of their license, shall perform the following tasks:
Nursing. The Employer shall use its best efforts to schedule all full-time employees at Talbot Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare for one (1) weekend off in each consecutive three (3) weekends, and will use its best efforts to schedule regular part-time employees for at least one (1) weekend off in each consecutive four (4) weekends. Where continuous weekend work is mutually agreed between the Employer and the employee this paragraph shall be waived. The Employer shall not be restricted in using various schedules that provide for one (1) weekend off in each consecutive three (3) weekends.
Nursing. Regular full-time program faculty will have an annual average contact hour range of 18 – 20 hours per week.
Nursing. A Doctoral degree is the required credential; however, Members in the School of Nursing hired prior to July 1, 2019 will be grand-fathered, unless their letter of appointment states otherwise.
Nursing. In negotiations in 2017-2018 the parties discussed issues that were arising around the assignment and expectations for Course Directors on practicum courses. This included the timing of assignments, the occasional need for replacements and the obligations and responsibility of the Course Directors around student support and availability. Recognizing the need for clarity, it is agreed that the Faculty of Health will establish a Committee of two practicum Course Directors appointed by CUPE 3903 and two persons appointed by the Xxxx to review the process and to consider and report back on any possible improvements. LETTER OF XXXXXXXXXXXX
Nursing. For the purposes of this section only, the following workload calculation and maxima will be used. On-campus components of nursing clinical courses shall receive .66 teaching hours per contact hour. Off-campus components of nursing clinical courses shall receive one (1) TH per contact hour with the following stipulations: Faculty with term con- tracts may teach up to 15 TH per semester and 30 TH per academic year; however, overload pay for such faculty shall begin at 17 TH per semester in any semester or 33 TH in any aca- demic year. Workload distribution in teaching, scholarship, and service for these faculty members will be determined annually by the faculty member and his or her chair.
Nursing. Medical nursing services performed as necessary in the context of the provision of other allowable outpatient rehabilitative services.
Nursing. Nursing faculty may be assigned to any shift at any of the participating facilities upon advance notice to the faculty member giving consideration to individual requests, in accordance with the current practice. Nursing faculty will not be assigned more than one evening clinical group in a year until all nursing faculty have been assigned one. This does not preclude a faculty member from volunteering for additional evening clinical groups.