Hospitals Sample Clauses

Hospitals. The County must include a sufficient supply of non-specialized hospitals in its network to ensure access to emergency or inpatient psychiatric treatment, so that the following requirements are met: Provider Specialty Codes/Descriptions Counties Served Distance Drive Time 010 – Inpatient/Outpatient Hospital Dane The County must have a contract or agreement with a hospital within 20 miles of any member residing in the county. A hospital must be within a 30 minute drive time of any member residing in these counties. As it applies to this requirement, the Department defines a hospital specializing in Pediatrics as a non-specialized hospital. In all other instances, the Department defines a non-specialized hospital as one which is not exclusive to a single category of service or specialty including, but not limited to, behavioral health, cardiology or orthopedics.
Hospitals a. In every Hospital:
Hospitals. The Contractor shall have a comprehensive Provider network of hospitals such that they are available and accessible to all Members. This includes, but is not limited to tertiary care facilities and facilities with neo-natal, intensive care, burn, and trauma units.
Hospitals. If Provider is a hospital, including a psychiatric hospital, Provider shall cooperate with Subcontractor and Health Plan in developing and implementing protocols as part of Health Plan’s nursing facility diversion plan, which shall include, at a minimum, a hospital’s obligation to promptly notify Subcontractor and Health Plan upon admission of an eligible Covered Person regardless of payor source for the hospitalization, how a hospital will identify members who may need home health, private duty nursing, nursing facility or HCBS upon discharge, and how a hospital will engage Subcontractor and Health Plan in the discharge planning process to ensure that Covered Persons receive the most appropriate and cost-effective medically necessary services upon discharge.
Hospitals. Students in coordination with the EMT Xxxxxx High School Coordinator actively participate alongside hospital personnel performing the latest medical practices and procedures and proper application of life support equipment in a variety of medical emergencies and procedures and where Students observe patient care with the BHC-EMT Director.
Hospitals. If Provider or a Contracted Provider is a hospital (“Hospital”), the following provisions apply.
Hospitals. Each Hospital is responsible for the provision of (i) professional medical services by Employee to patients at the Hospital and (ii) the Employee’s professional liability coverage at all times in which the Employee is providing professional medical services as part of his/her Program duties for the Hospital. Each Hospital retains the right to administer disciplinary proceedings in accordance with its applicable by-laws, rules and regulations.
Hospitals. (C) The following agreements shall be time-limited agreements or will be converted to time-limited agreements pursuant to section 5111.028 of the Revised Code, unless the provider is one of the provider types listed in paragraphs (B)(1) to (B)(4) of this rule:
Hospitals. 115 6.15.5 Dental, Optometry, Lab, and X-Ray Services. 115