Net Rental Sample Clauses

Net Rental. Subtenant shall pay or reimburse Sublandlord for Subtenant’s Share of all costs and expenses of every kind and nature which may, at any time during the Sublease Term, be imposed on Sublandlord pursuant to the Master Lease for any reason, without deduction or setoff, including, but not limited to, Master Lease Additional Rent, as set forth above and all other amounts payable by Sublandlord to Master Landlord under the Master Lease. Additionally, Subtenant shall pay or reimburse Sublandlord, without deduction or setoff, for (i) Subtenant’s Share of the costs and expenses which accrue after the Commencement Date arising from Sublandlord’s contract with a third-party vendor for the maintenance of the Building’s heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system and all amounts accruing during the Sublease Term and payable by Sublandlord to any person or entity in order to comply with Sublandlord’s obligations of any nature under the Master Lease or this Sublease with respect to the Building, the services provided by Sublandlord hereunder and the maintenance and repair responsibilities of Sublandlord under the Master Lease and this Sublease (collectively, “Sublandlord Operating Expenses”), and (ii) all costs and expenses incurred by Sublandlord as a result of Subtenant’s failure to timely comply with its obligations under this Sublease. Subtenant shall also be responsible to pay directly for the cost of all personal property taxes, all utilities and janitorial services for the Sublease Premises. To the extent that any Building services (including, without limitation, maintenance and janitorial) are not provided to the Sublease Premises by Master Landlord under the Master Lease or specifically enumerated herein, Subtenant acknowledges and agrees that obtaining and paying for such services are Subtenant’s sole responsibility (subject to the terms and conditions of this Sublease and the Master Lease), and Sublandlord shall have no obligation with respect thereto (unless otherwise specifically set forth in this Sublease).
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Net Rental. This is an absolutely net lease, and except as is otherwise expressly herein provided, all taxes, utilities, costs of improvements, maintenance, repairs, alterations, additions, replacements, and insurance relating to the Demised Premises shall be at the sole cost and expense of Tenant; and Landlord shall not be obligated to make any improvements, repairs, alterations, additions, or replacements whatsoever to the Demised Premises. Throughout the term of this Lease Tenant, at Tenant’s own cost and expense, shall keep the Improvements, and all appurtenances thereunto belonging, in good and safe condition, order, and repair; and Tenant shall conform to and comply with all valid ordinances, regulations or laws (federal, state or municipal) affecting the Demised Premises, and Tenant shall be responsible for all penalties, damages, or charges imposed or incurred for any violation by Tenant of such ordinances, regulations, or laws whether occasioned by the neglect of Tenant or by Xxxxxx’s agent, contractor, or licensee then upon or using the Demised Premises. Tenant shall also be responsible for any and all costs arising out of any accident or other occurrence causing injury to or death of persons, or damage to property, due to the condition of the Demised Premises, or of any buildings or other Improvements now or hereafter situated thereon, or the fixtures or personal property thereon or therein, or due to the use or neglect thereof by Tenant or any other persons holding under Tenant. It is not Tenant’s intent, nor should this provision be construed otherwise, to waive Tenant’s governmental immunities against premises defects or any legal defenses to any suits or claims for damages.
Net Rental. Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Sublease, it is understood and agreed that the rent due under this Sublease is intended to be an absolutely net return to Sublessor for the Term, and that Sublessee will pay all costs and expenses relating to the occupancy and operation of the Demised Premises and the business carried on therein. Any amount of obligation relating to the Demised Premises that is not expressly declared (under this Sublease) to be that Sublessor will be deemed to be an obligation Sublessee to be performed by Sublessee, at Sublessee’s expense.
Net Rental. It is the purpose and intent of the Landlord and Tenant that the Rent shall be absolutely net to Landlord, so that this Lease shall yield, net, to Landlord, the Base Rent and any other Rent specified in this Lease, in each year during the term of this Lease. Except as otherwise provided in this Lease, the Tenant agrees to pay the Base Rent and any and all other costs, expenses, taxes, imposts and charges whether ordinary or extraordinary, foreseen or unforeseen, in connection with the Premises leased hereunder, and in connection with the operation of the Tenant’s business at the Premises and the maintenance and repair of the Premises and of the furnishings and equipment thereon. The Landlord shall not be required to furnish any services or facilities or to make any repairs or Alterations in or to the Premises, Tenant hereby assuming the full and sole responsibility for the condition, operation, repair, replacement, and maintenance of the Premises unless otherwise specified in this Lease.
Net Rental. Sublessee shall be responsible for Sublessee's Proportionate share of all costs and expenses of every kind and nature which may be imposed, at any time, on Sublessor pursuant to the Master Lease (except for Base Rent, as defined in the Master Lease) including, but not limited to, additional rent, Operating Expenses, Utilities and Real Estate Taxes, all as defined in the Master Lease. As hereinafter used, "Rent" shall include Base Rent and all additional charges to be paid by Sublessee pursuant to this Section 6.b.
Net Rental. Sublessee shall be responsible for one hundred (100%) percent of all costs and expenses of every kind and nature which may be imposed, at any time, on Sublessor pursuant to the Master Lease (except for Sublessor’s Base Rent, as defined in the Master Lease and charges arising out of any willful or negligent act or breach of the Master Lease or the Consent by Sublessor) including, but not limited to, Operating Costs, Landlord’s Expenses, Maintenance and Repairs, Utilities, Insurance and Taxes and Assessments, all as defined in the Master Lease (collectively, “Operating Expenses”).
Net Rental. Owner pays all costs associated The Owner will make all payments and perform all acts with house and land required in and about the land and the house, except as specifically provided in this Lease. The Owner will indemnify and save the Trust harmless from any of these expenses. This doesn’t apply to income, capital or similar taxes of the Trust.
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Net Rental. This Agreement and each transaction contemplated herein shall be deemed a “net” Rental. Customer’s obligations to pay all Rent and other sums when due and to otherwise perform as required hereunder and under each Invoice shall be absolute and unconditional and shall not be subject to any present or future abatement, reduction, set-off, compensation, defense, counterclaim, cross-claim, interruption, deferment or recoupment, for any reason.
Net Rental. Base Rent is inclusive of Operating Expenses and Tax Expenses during the calendar year 2000, but Subtenant shall pay as Additional Rent Subtenant's proportionate share of increases in Operating Expenses and Tax Expenses over Operating Expenses and Tax Expenses for 2000 and for additional building services, Utility Expenses, Common Area Utility Costs and Administrative Expenses (all as defined in the Master Lease) or other charges which are payable by Tenant under the Master Lease as Additional Rent.
Net Rental. The annual net rental rate for the Storage Space shall be $18.50 per square foot of net rentable area of the Storage Space; or $1,509.30 per month.
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