Definition of Taxes and Assessments

Taxes and Assessments means all taxes, assessments and governmental charges (including personal property and real estate taxes), whether federal, state, county or municipal, and whether they be by taxing districts or authorities presently taxing the Property or by others subsequently created, and any other taxes and assessments (including franchise taxes) attributable to the Property or its operation, whether or not directly paid by Landlord, excluding, however, federal and state taxes on income (unless such income taxes replace, in whole or in part, real estate taxes). Taxes and Assessments shall be the amount due in cash for any year and shall not be determined on an accrual or fiscal year basis. It is agreed that Tenant shall be responsible for ad valorem taxes on its personal property.
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Examples of Taxes and Assessments in a sentence

Proration of Taxes and Assessments shall be made on the basis of actual Taxes and Assessments.
All Real Property Taxes and Assessments shall be adjusted to reflect an assumption that the Building is fully assessed for real property tax purposes as a completed building(s) ready for occupancy.
If the Accumulations are not sufficient to pay Taxes and Assessments, Borrower will pay the deficiency to the Accumulations Depositary within 5 days of demand.
In addition to the Minimum Rent and Percentage Rent payable hereunder, Tenant shall pay to the appropriate parties and discharge as and when due and payable hereunder the following (collectively the "Additional Charges"): 3.4.1 Taxes and Assessments.
General and Special Taxes and Assessments, if any, for the fiscal year 1998-99.