Out of Service Sample Clauses

Out of Service. When a specific Customer access is unable to transmit or receive data, an “Out of Service” condition will be recorded for the specific Customer access in the Rogers Trouble Reporting System. Following Customer notification, a Rogers’ technician will validate the outage and will manually declare an Out of Service condition in the Rogers Trouble Reporting System.
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Out of Service. If the Billing Meter is out of service, then for purposes of preparing any affected invoice, the Parties shall negotiate in good faith to determine an estimate of the amount of Energy delivered during the relevant Billing Period. Seller’s meter (if any), may be used to establish such estimate, if both Parties agree. If, within twenty (20) days after the date that the Billing Meter is read as set forth above, the Parties have not reached agreement regarding an estimate of the amount of Energy delivered during the relevant Billing Period, then the amount of Energy delivered during the relevant Billing Period shall be determined using the Estimation Methodology.
Out of Service. If NEXTERA causes a service interruption, an out-of-service credit will be calculated under the state local exchange tariff. If there is no applicable tariff and the interruption lasts for more than twenty-four (24) consecutive hours after NEXTERA received notice of it, NEXTERA will give Customer credit calculated by: 1) dividing the monthly rate for the affected service by thirty (30) days; and then b) multiplying that daily rate times the number of days, or major fraction that the service was interrupted.
Out of Service. Area Care means health care provided to an Enrollee by non-Participating Providers outside of the geographical area served by the MCO.
Out of Service. Fire equipment participating in parades, school functions, or community events is considered "out of service." Lights and sirens may be used at the discretion of the Fire Chief or driver.
Out of Service. Parking, Servicing and Repair
Out of Service. (a) On each and every occasion during the Agreement Period there is an interruption in the FSRU’s regasification service or a reduction in its regasification performance due to one or more of the events detailed in clause 20.3(b) below, without prejudice to any other rights of the Customer under this Agreement, the Service Fee shall not be payable from the commencement of such interruption or reduction until the FSRU is again ready and in an sufficient state to resume its service (“Out of Service”). The FSRU shall not be Out of Service for an Adjustment Event pursuant to clause 20.2 or if and to the extent that the relevant Out of Service event detailed in clause 20.3(b) was caused directly and exclusively by any of the following:
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Out of Service. If operation of the antenna structure is abandoned for a continuous period of six months or more, all components of the facility shall be removed. Portions of the building damaged or discolored by removal of the equipment shall be repaired in a manner that restores the building to its prior condition, subject to approval by the Director of Planning and Community Development. Re- installation of a new antenna structure shall necessitate the filing of a new Use Permit application.
Out of Service. Typically, a service shall be classified as out of service, if measured packet loss (using NOC PL Test Procedure) is greater than or equal to 2%. Alternatively, if a customer reports an out of service condition it will remain classified under this category until determined within the established SLAs by the Network Operator NOC. Measurable hours are a count of the time a customer service is out of service minus the tracking time. A ticket shall be placed in an open state if the time is deemed measurable. These hours will result in the measurement given to outage time for a specific trouble report. Measurable hours shall commence if all of the following conditions exist: • An out of service report is received by the Network Operator NOC • Power to the device in question has been confirmed onsite by the customer • If requested by the Network Operator NOC, the customer has rebooted any device in question • Access hours to the site in question have communicated to the Network Operator NOC, the site is currently open. Measurable hours shall be tracked if any of the following conditions are met: • No Access – During timeframes in which access to the customer’s premise, network right of way, or facility is unavailable the time will be tracked. (Ex. Access hours are 09:00 – 17:00. Time tracking will take place from 17:01 – 08:59 the following day). • Release Denied – if further resolution requires services to be rendered inoperative and the customer denies this action, time is suspended until permission is granted. • Service Monitoring – If the issue requires the service be monitored for an agreed upon period of time due to the intermittent nature of the trouble report degradation. • Non-Service Affecting – The issue reported by the customer is deemed to be non-service affecting by the Network Operator NOC. • Force Majeure – if Network Operator personnel are unable to access required locations due to a force Majeure event as defined in the Master Service Agreement • Network Operator Cleared – The source of the reported out of service condition is deemed to be outside Network Operator demarcation points. • Third party OSP work in the critical path to restoration – Third party OSP facilities need to be repaired before Network Operator can begin restoration, for example, if a power utility needs to clear damaged electric lines or replace a broken utility pole. This exclusion applies when the Network Operator has notified said third party facility owner. Measurable ho...
Out of Service. Any employee engaging in other employment while on leave, except with the consent of Management and Local Xxxxxxx, shall be considered out of service. RULE RULE RULE RULE RULE RULE RULE RULE RULE Union Dues: The Company will grant check-off of Union dues. Not more than one payment of Union dues shall be made by an employee in any one month. Employees filling positions coming within the scope of more than one wage Agreement in a month, shall pay Union dues to the Union holding the Agreement under which the employee was assigned as at hours on the first calendar day of the month. Where dues have been deducted from the wages of an employee pursuant to this Agreement, and dues are payable by such employee to another Union in accordance with the foregoing, application to the Company for refund of dues deducted under this Agreement shall be made by such employee.
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