Monthly Amount Sample Clauses

Monthly Amount. For the provision of the O&M Services, the Contracting Party shall pay the Contractor, from the start Date of the Operation, the variable monthly amount as shown in the formula below (“Monthly Value”): REM = TR x Ec - (Rental + TUSD) Where: TR= Agreed energy tariff of this contract, corresponding to 570 R$ / MWh Ec = Compensated energy TUSD = CGF Contracted Demand Invoice Lease = Amount paid monthly by the Contracting Party for CGF lease Operation and Maintenance Services Contract
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Monthly Amount. Schedule 6 to the Existing Marketing Agreement is amended, effective as of the Changeover Date, by amending and restating the first sentence of the last paragraph of Schedule 6 as follows: If, at the end of any month, the total of all Designated Amounts for Loans originated in that month is less than [***], then Company shall promptly pay to Bank [***].
Monthly Amount. Each Shipper agrees to pay to Gatherer an amount each Month (the "Monthly Payment") equal to the greater of (i) such Shipper's Monthly Gathering Fee for that Month or (ii) such Shipper's Minimum Monthly Payment for that Month.
Monthly Amount. Type of additional income: (8) □ Rentals Proceeds □ Equity Investments □ Other: ......... Monthly Amount: Expected monthly turnover on the account Deposit Withdrawal Miscellaneous Questions Are you a politically exposed person (PEP)? (9) □ Yes □ No Is any of your 1st or 2nd degree relatives(10) a politically exposed person (PEP) □ Yes □ No Are you the beneficial owner of the account? □ Yes □ No Are you a person with a disability? If the answer is (yes), please state the type of disability (auditory / visual / movement impairment ...) □ Yes (If Yes please specify) ---------------------- □ No Would you like to receive promotional messages about the products and services provided by the bank? □ Yes □ No Account Information What is the purpose of opening the account? Type of the Account □ Single □ Joint Main Currency of the Account: SAR USD GBP Euro Other ...........
Monthly Amount. Select the second statement if the short- term tenant is obligated to pay the specified amount once a month for the effective period of this agreement. This notice requires notice of the amount of rent payable by the tenant each month and on the two-seat calendar day on which that rent is due. Vii. Services (18) exceptions from the host. Services such as electricity, water and other services normally required to maintain your home will be billed during the term of this contract. If the landlord is not responsible for all the services and services necessary for the premises, then for the record of each service or services that the tenant must pay for the seventh article. Viii. Select item 19 or select item 20 (19) without deposit. Select the first statement in Article VIII if the short-term landlord does not require a security deposit. (20)
Monthly Amount. On or before the 1 st day of each month commencing May 1, 2008, Husband shall pay alimony of each month to Wife for her personal support and maintenance until the 30th day of April, 2016. Said alimony terms are non-modifiable and shall terminate upon the first to occur of the following: Husband's death; ii. Wife's death; iii. Wife's remarriage; or iv. Agreement of the parties. After the occurrence of one of the aforementioned events, Husband's alimony obligation shall terminate. Tax Consideration. It is understood and agreed that the alimony payable under this Agreement shall be included in Wife's gross income as provided by S 71 of the Internal Revenue Code, and it shall be tax deductible by Husband pursuant to S 215 of the Internal Revenue Code.
Monthly Amount. If other charges will be placed on the Short-Term Tenant by the Landlord to fulfill this lease, then document each one by identifying it and placing the dollar amount that will need to be paid by the Tenant to the spaces provided in the “Other” option. Step 3 – Take High-Quality Photographs A picture is worth a thousand words and can be the determining factor in a potential tenant selecting your property versus another. If this amount will not be refundable, then mark the first checkbox in this statement otherwise select the second checkbox if this amount is a refundable deposit. If the dollar amount will be owed on a monthly basis by the Tenant, then mark the second checkbox in this selection. If this agreement will not require that the Landlord provide the Tenant with a parking space during this short-term rental then select the “Shall Not” statement. Unlike a standard lease, the landlord will be responsible for all utilities, services, and any other expenses attributed to the property. (22)
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Monthly Amount. Choose the second statement, if the Short Term Tenant will be required to pay a set amount once a month while this agreement is effective. This statement requires a report on the rent amount to be paid every month by the Tenant and the two-digit calendar day of the month this rent must be submitted. VII. Utilities (18) Landlord Exceptions. Utilities such as electricity, water, and other services that are normally required to maintain a residence will need to be paid for during this agreement. If the Landlord will not be responsible for every utility and service required for the premises, then a record of each utility or service that must be paid for by the Tenant must be supplied to the seventh article.

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  • Make-Whole Amount The term “

  • Settlement Amount If the Non-Defaulting Party has declared an Early Termination Date pursuant to Section 7.2(b), the Non-Defaulting Party shall have the right to (i) accelerate all amounts owing between the Defaulting Party and the Non-Defaulting Party and to liquidate and terminate the undertakings set forth in this Agreement as between the Defaulting Party and the Non-Defaulting Party; and (ii) withhold any payments due to the Defaulting Party under this Agreement pending payment of the Termination Payment. The Non-Defaulting Party will calculate, in a commercially reasonable manner, the Settlement Amount with respect to the Defaulting Party’s obligations under the Agreement and shall net the Settlement Amount in the manner provided for in Section 7.3(c).

  • Payment Amount Payment for the Services shall be as follows: (choose one) ☐ - $______________________ for the Services (“Payment”). ☐ - At an hourly rate of $____ per hour (“Payment”). ☐ - Other. ______________________________________________ (“Payment”) If the Subcontractor asserts a claim which involves, in whole or in part, acts or omissions which are the responsibility of the Client or another person for whom a claim may be submitted, including but not limited to, claims for failure to pay, an extension of time, impacts, delay damages, or extra work, the Contractor shall present the Subcontractor's claim to the Client or other responsible party provided the Subcontractor presents to Contractor competent supporting evidence and in sufficient time for the Contractor to do so. The Subcontractor shall cooperate fully with the Contractor in any and all steps the Contractor takes in connection with prosecuting such a claim and shall hold harmless and reimburse the Contractor for all expenses, including legal expenses, incurred by the Contractor which arise out of the Contractor's submission of the Subcontractor's claims to the Client or other responsible party(ies). The Subcontractor shall be bound by any adjudication or award in any action or proceeding resolving such a claim.

  • Installment Payments Notwithstanding Section 3.01, the Executive may elect by written notice to receive any payments due to him hereunder by way of periodic or installment payments.

  • Early Amortization Events If any one of the following events shall occur:

  • Scheduled Principal Payments The Borrower shall make payments of principal to Holder as follows: (i) on the first anniversary of this Note, the sum of $279,500, which represents 10% of original principal amount of this Note, (ii) on the second anniversary of this Note, the sum of $1,118,000, which represents 40% of original principal amount of this Note, and (iii) on May 18, 2010 (the “Maturity Date”), a final payment of the sum of the outstanding principal balance of this Note, including the amount of any PIK Interest, together with accrued and unpaid interest thereon, and all other obligations and indebtedness owing hereunder, if not sooner paid.

  • Monthly Payment City shall make monthly payments, based on invoices received, for services satisfactorily performed, and for authorized reimbursable costs incurred. City shall have 30 days from the receipt of an invoice that complies with all of the requirements above to pay Consultant.

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