Refundable Deposit definition

Refundable Deposit means a Refundable Accommodation Deposit or Refundable Accommodation Contribution as applicable;
Refundable Deposit means an amount normally paid prior to construction by a Customer, Applicant, or CEG in cash or other payment arrangements available and agreed to by the Company, to the Company, that potentially may be refunded in whole or in part, when certain conditions are met.
Refundable Deposit means the sum of US$40.0 million.

Examples of Refundable Deposit in a sentence

  • Additional Services Fee (if any) (which includes GST) Adjustment formula for Additional Services Fee Additional Services Period Prior Notice period Fee Summary Refundable Deposit (if applicable) Daily Payment (if applicable) Care Fees per day Additional Services Fee per day Total Daily Amount per day Payment Cycle Every 2 weeks In Advance If you enter part way through a Payment Cycle we will make any necessary adjustment based on you paying partly in arrears and in advance.

  • As at the date of preparing this Agreement, we have assessed that you are eligible to pay the following type of Accommodation Cost: How You Pay (see clause C4) You can elect to pay your Accommodation Cost by way of a Refundable Deposit, a Daily Payment or a combination of both.

More Definitions of Refundable Deposit

Refundable Deposit means $1,000,000, payable from Lilis to Brushy in connection with Section 1.1 of this Agreement.
Refundable Deposit means a deposit payable to Clean Foundation to ensure projects are completed in a timely fashion, to be refunded upon completion of the project and submission of supporting documents
Refundable Deposit means the sum set out in the Schedule of Fees as amended from time to time which will be fully refunded when your Child ceases to be a student at the School subject to all fees and other charges payable by you under our Terms and Conditions having been paid in full;
Refundable Deposit. - means a sum of money deposited by the Customer at the request of the Company which will be held or used by the Company for a purpose which is made clear at the time of request. Any monies remaining at the end of the term will be released to the Customer.
Refundable Deposit means the obligation of the Insurance Company to refund those refundable surplus deposits contributed by subscribers in accordance with all orders of TDI in effect as of the Closing.
Refundable Deposit. $Click here to enter text. +Click here to enter text. $Click here to enter text. Total Amount Overlook Receives upon refund of deposit less add-ons:$Click here to enter text.- $Click here to enter text.=$Click here to enter text.
Refundable Deposit means the amount of money required of a permittee by the Public Works Supervisor in order to assure adequate cleanup of the special event site. The deposit shall be returned to the permittee upon the completion of the event and approval of the Public Works Supervisor.