Settings Sample Clauses

Settings. In accordance with the Construction Programme, the Customer and the Company shall:-
Settings. MCIS are typically provided at the location where the crisis occurs, including the home (biological, foster, relative, or adoptive) or any other setting where the child is naturally located, including schools, recreational settings, child care centers, and other community settings. Availability: MCIS are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Settings. You can adjust all settings by click the on the top right to go to set up menu at main screen.
Settings. All Solar Facility information should be filled out completely and correctly on the monitoring platform to match the as-built drawings and allow for easy identification of equipment and other Solar Facility information.
Settings. To go to Settings, touch from the Home screen, then touch Settings.
Settings. Refers to the environment where activities/events take place. Example: Places 20 where people learn, play and shop.
Settings. In the function tool bar of Bubble Interface, you can click candidate words, AI button , homophone , pre-related word , post-related word or phrase correction to correct the result. Click button to see the original script. Click button to input punctuation symbol, and the button is for the Chinese-English translation function. Details are described in section 5.6.