Parking Space definition

Parking Space means an area enclosed or unenclosed, covered or open, of sufficient size to park vehicles, together with a driveway connecting the parking space with a street or any public area and permitting ingress and egress of the vehicles;
Parking Space means an enclosed or unenclosed covered or open area sufficient in size to park vehicles. Parking spaces shall be served by a driveway connecting them with a street or alley and permitting ingress or egress of vehicles.
Parking Space means a space in a parking place which is provided for the leaving of a vehicle;

Examples of Parking Space in a sentence

  • PARKING SPACE STANDARDS Unless otherwise noted, standards are based on the number of spaces per 1,000 Feet of Gross Floor Area.

More Definitions of Parking Space

Parking Space means an unimpeded area having minimum dimensions of 5.6 metres in length and 2.6 metres in width which is readily accessible at all times for the parking and removal of a motor vehicle without the necessity of moving another vehicle;
Parking Space means an area set aside for the parking of one (1) vehicle;
Parking Space means and refer to an area designed or used for parking a motor vehicle which complies with Article 9 of this Towne Road Crossing PUD.
Parking Space means an area for the temporary parking or storage of a motor vehicle.
Parking Space means a space enclosed or unenclosed to park vehicles together with a driveway connecting the parking space with a street permitting ingress and egress of the vehicles.
Parking Space. The County shall attempt to provide adequate free parking facilities for employees within a reasonable distance of their work locations.
Parking Space means an off-street enclosed or unenclosed surfaced area of not less than eighteen (18) feet by eight feet, exclusive of maneuvering and access area, permanently reserved for the temporary storage of one automobile, connected with a street or alley which affords access for automobiles.