Monetary Terms Sample Clauses

Monetary Terms. All references to "Dollars" or "$" shall mean U.S. Dollars unless otherwise specified.
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Monetary Terms. 1. The Foundation Parties, collectively, agree to pay the amount of $7,200,000 (seven million, two hundred thousand dollars) (the “settlement funds”) subject to the payment schedule and qualifying reductions set forth in this agreement. Payment of the settlement funds will be made payable to the Attorney General’s Office, and it may be done so via check, ACH, or other accepted electronic payment. The Attorney General will retain $400,000 (four hundred thousand dollars) from the first payment made by Foundation Parties for reimbursement of investigation costs. (Govt. Code, §§ 12586.2, 12598.) The Attorney General will forward all remaining settlement payments to the California Community Foundation. The California Community Foundation will set up a fund for the benefit of the people of Lithuania with the following two distinct purposes: (1) for the education of disadvantaged Lithuanian orphans and children in the Vilnius region; and (2) for the charitable purposes of Zelva village, for example the establishment of a trade school, teacher training or seminary, financial assistance for needy students with above average grades, and senior citizens. All Notices and evidence of payments of the settlement shall be forwarded to the Attorney General to the attention of Deputy Attorney General Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxxx by both email and U.S. mail, at 000 X. Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxx Xxxxxxx, XX 00000, (000) 000-0000; The payments of the settlement funds will be made as follows: Payment #1: The amount of $1.3 million shall be payable within 90 days from the date this settlement agreement is signed by all parties. Remaining Payments: The remaining $5.9 million is due as follows:
Monetary Terms. All monetary terms set forth herein are expressed in U.S. dollars.
Monetary Terms. All amounts expressed in dollars or "$" in this Agreement shall mean dollars of the United States of America.
Monetary Terms. DPS may not be required to fund, staff, or provide any other resources to support this research proposal.
Monetary Terms. All amounts expressed in pounds sterling or “pounds sterling” in this Agreement shall mean pound sterling in the United Kingdom.
Monetary Terms. The City of Cincinnati, on behalf of the Defendants, shall pay six million dollars to the Plaintiffs as valuable consideration in full and final settlement of all claims and causes of action, as set forth below, including all claims for attorney fees and costs payable under any provision of law. Such payment is expressly conditioned on an appropriation of the $6 million, as well as the $250,000.00 for the Team, by Cincinnati City Council. The City shall pay the filing fee for the QSF petition. The Plaintiffs will pay all other costs associated with the QSF administrator. Within 30 days of the passage of such Ordinance, payment shall be made to the Xxxx Plush Qualified Settlement Fund established in the United States District Court as ordered by said Court. The Fund shall be paid in a manner that protects the Fund’s ability to fund the qualified settlement fund (QSF), special needs trusts, Medicaid payback pooled trust accounts, and/or fund structured settlement annuity contracts, or similar instruments. All payments are made on account of personal physical injury under Internal Revenue Code Section 104(a)(2). The source and origin of the claim and monetary payment is the physical injury to and death of Xxxx Xxxxx. No payments are made on account of punitive damages of any kind. Defendants make no representations as to the tax consequences of the settlement or of this Agreement. This Agreement is not contingent upon acceptance by the Internal Revenue Service of the characterization of the nature of payments as set forth in this Paragraph. This Agreement is contingent on the approval of the Probate Court of Hamilton County.
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Monetary Terms. SignalShare Hospitality shall pay to TIG the total sum of One Million Nine Hundred Eighteen Thousand Four Hundred Sixteen Dollars ($1,918,416.00 - the “Settlement Amount”) as follows:
Monetary Terms. All amounts expressed in dollars "
Monetary Terms. 8 ARTICLE II
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