LEGAL AID Sample Clauses

LEGAL AID. (1) A party who is a natural person and who is unable to meet the costs of the proceedings, either wholly or in part, may at any time apply for legal aid. The conditions for granting of legal aid shall be laid down in the Rules of Procedure.
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LEGAL AID. SECTION 1. The Township will provided legal aid to all Employees covered under this Agreement in accordance with N.J.S.A. 40A:14-155, as amended.
LEGAL AID. Substantive conditions - Formal conditions - Procedure for granting aid
LEGAL AID. The Employer shall provide legal aid to all personnel covered by this Agreement as provided for in an Ocean County Resolution adopted by the Board of Chosen Freeholders on July 7, 1982; Indemnification of Employees.
LEGAL AID. All expenses and costs with respect to any civil or criminal action taken against, or in respect of a Member arising out of such Member's actions while engaged in the execution of his/her duties as a Peace Officer may be paid in accordance with the 2000 January 01 Indemnification Agreement between the Board, the Association and The Corporation of the District of West Vancouver.
LEGAL AID. 36.01 The Employer shall undertake to assure a full and complete defence to any employee who is sued or charged in a criminal proceeding arising from the performance of his/her duties provided he/she was not deemed to have performed in a negligent manner as determined by the facts or the Courts. The cost of such defence is the Employer's responsibility where such acts were performed in the normal course of his/her duties as a Correctional Officer. No legal assistance will be provided to off duty employees unless clearly established by the facts or the Courts that he/she was performing in a non-negligent manner in a situation arising from his/her duties as a Correctional Officer. No legal services will be provided for proceedings of a disciplinary nature.
LEGAL AID. The Employer shall provide liability coverage and legal defense in civil suits as detailed in Title 4 PA Code Chapter 39 and Management Directives 205.6 and 630.2. In criminal actions against any officer arising from his conduct within the scope of his employment, the Employer may provide an attorney to represent him or her, or if it does not:
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LEGAL AID. The Borough will provide legal aid to all personnel covered by this Agreement pursuant to the provisions of N.J.S.A. 40A:14-155 which requires the Borough to provide the necessary means of defense to any employee who is a defendant in any action or legal proceeding arising out of or incidental to the performance of his duties. The employee may select counsel of his own choosing and the Borough shall pay such counsel a reasonable fee for his services, except in cases where counsel is provided under insurance coverage maintained by the Borough. The parties hereby define a reasonable fee to be $150.00 per hour, or the regular hourly rate of the Borough’s attorney, whichever is lower. If the hourly rate of the attorney selected by the employee exceeds $150.00 per hour, or the number of hours spent on the matter exceeds a reasonable amount of time, such excess fee shall not be the responsibility of the Borough but instead shall be the responsibility of the employee. The provisions set forth herein which define reasonable attorney fees shall also be applicable if the Borough becomes responsible for “reimbursement” to the employee for reasonable expense of his defense in disciplinary or criminal proceedings instituted by the Borough as provided for in N.J.S.A. 40A:14-155.
LEGAL AID. A. In Civil Actions, the Borough agrees to defend and to satisfy any judgment, which may be rendered against any Superior Officer for the action arising out of his employment with the Borough.
LEGAL AID. All reasonable expenses and costs with respect to any criminal or civil action taken against or in respect to any employee covered by this Agreement arising out of such employee's action while carrying out their normal work duties will be paid by the City provided the selection of a solicitor is approved by the City and provided such actions do not constitute a gross disregard or neglect of their duty. Notwithstanding the foregoing, should an employee be found guilty of a criminal charge the City shall not be liable for any expense in relation to the employee's defence on that charge or related charges.
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