Proposed Sample Clauses

Proposed approved and adopted District budgets;
Proposed. The consolidated limits as shown will apply for the new company. South GN Ada Line GN Halstad Line (1215 ft. east of NP crossing) MP 79+4757 (2018 ft. east of M&N Jct.) MP 64+4831 BURLINGTON NORTHERN INC. PROPOSED SWITCHING LIMITS St. Cloud Present East GN MP 72+1994 GN MP 59+1650 (6898 ft. east of Junction Switch) (East St. Cloud) (East Side Line) (Osseo Line) NP MP 72+1994 West GN MP 1+1261 (9832 ft. south of Rice Jct. switch) (Willmar Line) GN MP 77+4879 (4914 ft. west of Veterans Hospital spur switch) (Fergus Falls Line) NP MP 75+1860 North GN MP 1+37 (3333 ft. east of east NP Ry. crossing) (Brook Proposed Park Line) East East Side Line MP 72±1994 Osseo Line MP 59-rl6SO West Willmar Line MP 1-f 1261 Fergus Falls Line MP 77 +4879 North Staples Line MP 79+5130 On present Great Northern transfer limits include Sauk Rapids, State Reformatory, Veterans Hospital and Brick Yard Spur; also Rockville for handling shipments to and from granite companies, which would continue for the new company. (6056 ft. east of south wye switch near depot) BURLINGTON NORTHERN INC. PROPOSED SWITCHING LIMITS East (North) GN MP 218+4969 (1830 ft. east of Illinois Central crossing near Leeds) West (South) CB&Q MP 0.50 (Wye on O’Neill Line) CB&Q MP 101.40 (Dakota City) Proposed Present limits as described would be the consolidated limits for the new company. Sioux City—Ferry Present BURLINGTON NORTHERN INC. PROPOSED SWITCHING LIMITS Wahpeton —Breckenridge Present NP MP 72+5078 West GN MP 0+72 (5604 ft. west of depot Wahpeton) (Fargo Line) GN MP 3+207 (13,164 ft. west of depot Wahpeton) (Casselton Line) NP MP 76+759 Proposed The consolidated limits as shown will apply for the new company. East GN MP 212+1674 (12946 ft. east of depot Breckenridge) BURLINGTON NORTHERN INC. PROPOSED SWITCHING LIMITS Dilworth—Moorhead Fargo—West Fargo Present East GN MP 20+4611 NP MP 250+4860 NP MP 0-971 West GN MP 4+1964 NP MP 10+2513 Passenger depot) (Grand Forks Line) GN MP 1+583 (8774 ft. north of Moorhead depot) (Halstad Line) South GN MP 4l+4l77 (10059 ft. south of Moorhead depot) (Brushvale Line) NP MP 0+5102 (Fargo S. W. Branch) Proposed East Fergus Falls Line MP 20+46l1 Former St. Paul Div MP 250+4860 Former Fargo MP 0-971 West Surrey Line MP 4+1964 Main Line MP 16+1628 North Grand Forks Line MP 26+1299 Halstad Line MP 2+3499 South Brushvale Line MP 41+102 Fargo S.W. Branch MP 0+5102 North GN MP 26+1299 (7002 ft. east of Moorhead depot) (Fergus Falls Line) (St. Paul Div.) (Fargo Div.) (23121 ft...
Proposed. In accordance with the terms and conditions of this Grant, Agency will provide Grantee up to $2,804,412.33 (“Grant Funds”) for the Project. Agency will pay the Grant Funds from monies available through its Student Investment Account (“Funding Source”).
Proposed solutions
Proposed. No Fund may borrow money or issue senior FUNDAMENTAL RESTRICTION -- securities, except that each Fund may borrow SENIOR SECURITIES from banks or enter into reverse repurchase No Fund may issue any senior security (as agreements for temporary purposes in amounts defined in the 1940 Act), except that (a) up to 10% of the value of its total assets at each Fund may engage in transactions that the time of such borrowing; or mortgage, may result in the issuance of senior pledge, or hypothecate any assets, except in securities to the extent permitted under connection with any such borrowing and in applicable regulations and interpretations amounts not in excess of the lesser of the of the 1940 Act or an exemptive order; (b) dollar amounts borrowed or 10% of the value each Fund may acquire other securities, the of the Fund's total assets at the time of its acquisition of which may result in the borrowing. No Fund will purchase securities issuance of a senior security, to the extent while its borrowings (including reverse permitted under applicable regulations or repurchase agreements) exceed 5% of the total interpretations of the 1940 Act; (c) subject assets of that Fund. to the restrictions set forth below, each Fund may borrow money as authorized under the 1940 Act. FUNDAMENTAL RESTRICTION -- BORROWING No fund may borrow money, except that (a) each Fund may enter into commitments to purchase securities in accordance with its investment program, including delayed-delivery and when-issued securities and reverse repurchase agreements, provided that the total amount of any such borrowing does not exceed 33 1/3% of the Fund's total assets; and (b) each Fund may borrow money for temporary or emergency purposes in an amount not exceeding 5% of the value of its total assets at the time when the loan is made. Any borrowings representing more than 5% of a Fund's total assets must be repaid before the Fund may make additional investments.
Proposed. This Second Amended and Restated Financial Instrument is effective as of June 28, 2016. All of the capitalized terms that are used but not defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Agreement.
Proposed. The purpose of this grant is to provide funding to assist in meeting students’ mental or behavioral health needs, and increasing academic achievement and reducing academic disparities for students from racial or ethnic groups that have historically experienced academic disparities, students with disabilities, English language learners, economically disadvantaged students, students who are homeless, and students who are foster children.
Proposed. Unit No. (Type ) in the Scheme as mentioned above, which will consist of a Unit to be erected in the position indicated on the site plan in accordance with the approved building plans (both being hereinafter referred to as the “Plans” and with both of which the Purchaser acknowledges himself to be acquainted), and an undivided share in the common property apportioned to the section in accordance with the participation quota of the Unit, subject to the following conditions: