Misconduct Sample Clauses

Misconduct. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, the Options shall terminate in their entirety, regardless of whether the Options are vested, immediately upon Optionee’s discharge of employment or other service relationship for Cause or upon Optionee’s commission of any of the following acts during any period following the cessation of Optionee’s employment or other service relationship during which the Options otherwise would be exercisable: (i) fraud on or misappropriation of any funds or property of the Corporation, or (ii) breach by Optionee of any provision of any employment, non-disclosure, non-competition, non-solicitation, assignment of inventions, or other similar agreement executed by Optionee for the benefit of the Company, as determined by the Administrator, which determination will be conclusive.
Misconduct. Unless a Change of Control shall have occurred after the date hereof:
Misconduct. (i) The Company is authorized to suspend or terminate this Option and any other outstanding stock option held by the Optionee prior to or after termination of employment if the Company reasonably determines that during the Optionee’s employment with the Company or any of its Subsidiaries:
Misconduct. During employment with the Cardinal Group and for three years after the Termination of Employment for any reason, Awardee agrees not to engage in Misconduct. If Awardee engages in Misconduct during employment or within three years after the Termination of Employment for any reason, then
Misconduct. (A) You have a Termination of Employment initiated by a Cigna company because of your misconduct, as that term is defined in Cigna’s Code of Ethics, Standards of Conduct or other employment policies.
Misconduct. 21.1 The Company may terminate the employment of a seafarer following a serious default of the seafarers employment obligations which gives rise to a lawful entitlement to dismissal, provided that the Company shall, where possible, prior to dismissal, give written notice to the seafarer specifying the serious default which has been the cause of the dismissal.
Misconduct. As a condition to receiving and becoming eligible to vest in the Restricted Stock Units, the Participant hereby agrees not to engage in Misconduct.
Misconduct. Conduct considered unacceptable -.Possession of intoxicant or illegal drugs on School premises; possession of firearms or illegal weapons; theft; disruptive behavior or refusal to follow instructions or administrators directions. Attendance: Studio Jewelers, Ltd. maintains attendance records, and students must complete their class work within the time specified in the course description. Both a 36 hour and a 30 hour course allows one absence, while an 8 hour course allows no absences. Punctuality is mandatory, lateness is considered a 1/4 day’s absence. Excessive absences can result in dismissal from the School. A student is considered tardy when arriving 10 minutes after class begins. For both a 36 hour and 30 hour course, two tardies lead to probation, four tardies can lead to termination. For an 8 hour course, two tardies lead to probation, and three tardies can lead to termination. Certificate: A certificate will be issued to all students that have met the requirements and standards of the School.