Gross Misconduct definition

Gross Misconduct means any act or omission of the Contractor in violation of the most elementary rules of diligence which a conscientious Contractor in the same position and under the same circumstance would have followed.
Gross Misconduct means a grave violation or breach of the provisions of this Constitution or a misconduct of such nature as amounts in the opinion of the National Assembly to gross misconduct.
Gross Misconduct means Executive's misappropriation of funds; securities fraud; insider trading; unauthorized possession of corporate property; the sale, distribution, possession or use of a controlled substance; or conviction of any criminal offense (whether or not such criminal offense is committed in connection with Executive's duties hereunder or in the course of his employment with the Company). In such event, Executive's termination shall be effective immediately upon receipt of written notice from the Company.

Examples of Gross Misconduct in a sentence

  • Match Penalty and/or Gross Misconduct penalties shall result in the player/coach leaving the game immediately.

  • The Contractor shall have no liability to the Employer for any loss of or damage to the Employer's physical property which occurs after the expiration of the Defects Liability Period unless caused by Gross Misconduct of the Contractor.

  • After the Risk Transfer Date, the Contractor's liability in respect of loss of or damage to any part of the Works shall, except in the case of Gross Misconduct, be limited: (a)to the fulfillment of the Contractor's obligations under Clause 30 in respect of defects therein, and(b)to making good forthwith loss or damage caused by the Contractor during the Defects Liability Period.

  • Except in the case of Gross Misconduct, the Employer's remedies under this Clause shall be in place of and to the exclusion of any other remedy in relation to defects whatsoever.

More Definitions of Gross Misconduct

Gross Misconduct means an act which:
Gross Misconduct means engaging in any act or acts involving conduct which violates Company policy or is illegal and which results, directly or indirectly, in personal gain to the individual involved at the expense of the Company or a Subsidiary.
Gross Misconduct means a criminal act, other than a violation of a motor vehicle traffic law, for which an individual has been convicted in a criminal court or has admitted or conduct that demonstrates a flagrant and wanton disregard of and for the rights, title, or interest of a fellow employee or the employer.
Gross Misconduct means (a) a wilful, substantial and unjustifiable refusal to perform substantially the duties and services required of his position; (b) fraud, misappropriation or embezzlement involving the Company or its assets; or (c) conviction of a felony involving moral turpitude. Horn's option to elect to receive severance payments may be exercised only by written notice delivered to the Company within 90 days following the date on which Horn's receives actual notice of termination or this Agreement expires, as the case may be. In the event of an election under this section, payment of such severance shall be in lieu of any other obligation of the Company for severance payment or other post-termination compensation under this Agreement if any. The severance amount shall be paid in equal monthly payments over a 12 month period.
Gross Misconduct means any reckless breach or disregard of the provisions of this Contract by the Operator.
Gross Misconduct means any conduct by a Participant (a) while employed by the Company or a Subsidiary that is competitive with the Company’s or any Subsidiary’s business operations, (b) that is in breach of any obligation that Participant owes to the Company or any Subsidiary or of that Participant’s duty of loyalty to the Company or any Subsidiary, (c) that is materially injurious to the Company or any Subsidiary, or (d) that otherwise constitutes “gross misconduct” as determined pursuant to guidelines adopted by the Committee or a Plan Administrator.
Gross Misconduct means any conduct that is determined by the Committee, in its sole discretion, (i) to be in competition during employment by the Company with the Company’s business operations, (ii) to be in breach of any obligation that Participant owes to the Company or Participant’s duty of loyalty to the Company, (iii) to be materially injurious to the Company, or (iv) to otherwise constitute gross misconduct under the Company’s guidelines.