Keys Sample Clauses

Keys. Keys with tags attached indicating number and/or description of door or room each key is intended to fit attached to each key shall be delivered to the Owner. Contractor shall prepare and furnish with the keys an itemized key schedule in quintuplicate listing the door or room number and/or description, serial number of key, and number of keys being delivered for each door or lock.
Keys. Each tenant occupying the unit will receive one (1) key for the unit. Only one (1) mailbox key will be issued for the unit. If tenant loses a key during the term of the lease, tenant will be billed for the cost of changing the lock and providing new keys. A fee of $100.00 will be assessed to the tenant for lock changes. Tenant will be charged $35.00 if the office needs to be called to open the door for a tenant or guest that is locked out of their home during regular business hours and $45.00 for afterhours lock outs.
Keys. Resident is issued a key for Resident’s assigned space. This key remains the property of Provider and may not be duplicated by Resident or loaned to any other person by Resident.
Keys. To retain and use at any time passkeys to enter the Premises or any door within the Premises. Tenant shall not alter or add any lock or bolt.
Keys. The Purchaser understands that the Seller may not be in possession of keys, including but not limited to, mailbox keys, recreation area keys, gate cards, or automatic garage remote controls, and any cost of obtaining the same will be the responsibility of the Purchaser. The Purchaser also understands that if the Property includes an alarm system, the Seller cannot provide the access code and/or key and that the Purchaser is responsible for any costs associated with the alarm and/or changing the access code or obtaining keys. If the Property is presently on a Master Key System, the Seller will re-key the exterior doors to the Property prior to closing at the Purchaser's expense. The Purchaser authorizes and instructs escrow holder to charge the account of the Purchaser at closing for the rekey.
Keys. (a) Keys are issued at check-in by the community desk where the resident is assigned. Keys must be returned when occupancy is terminated. If a key is lost or not returned when occupancy is terminated, or if a temporary key is not returned within the required time, the door lock(s) will be changed and new keys will be made at the responsible resident’s expense.
Keys. The Tenant(s) shall receive keys on the inception date of this lease. The keys are not to be duplicated except by the Landlord, and if a key is lost or stolen, Tenants(s) will pay all charges incurred in the replacement of the locks and making of new keys. There is a $25.00 fee, per key for each key not left at premises at the end of the lease. Changing of the locks by the Tenant(s) constitutes a breach of this lease and will be treated as any other breach under Paragraph 13 of this agreement. There is a $100.00 charge for landlord to unlock premises.
Keys. Landlord shall have the right to retain keys to the locks on the entry doors to the Premises and all interior doors at the Premises. At Landlord's option, Landlord may require Tenant to obtain all keys to door locks at the Premises from Landlord's engineering staff or Landlord's locksmith and to only use Landlord's engineering staff or Landlord's locksmith to change locks at the Premises. Tenant shall pay Landlord's or its locksmith's standard charge for all keys and other services obtained from Landlord's engineering staff or locksmith.