Courier service definition

Courier service means a motor carrier that engages, directly or by lease, exclusively in the
Courier service means a motor carrier that engages, directly or by lease, exclusively in the transportation of letters, envelopes, negotiable or nonnegotiable instruments, or other documents or papers for compensation.
Courier service means delivery of documents, goods or articles utilizing the services of a person, either directly or indirectly, to carry or accompany such documents, goods or articles for consideration;

Examples of Courier service in a sentence

  • The Bidder should submit their bidding documents by Registered post, Courier service or by hand delivery, not later than 1400 hrs.

  • Courier service personnel must sign-in at the security station and must obtain an access key card.

  • The Courier service will raise bills on completion of each calendar month.

  • The supplier shall provide the list of Nodal Repair Center and designated Courier service/ agency with their addresses/ Tel.

  • Sealed envelope shall not accepted through Postal / Courier service.

More Definitions of Courier service

Courier service means an individualized and time sensitive service for collection, acceptance, conveyance and delivery of postal articles on a door to door basis;
Courier service means an operation whereby cargo tendered by one or more consignors are transported as the baggage of a courier passenger on board a scheduled air transport service under normal passenger hold baggage documentation;
Courier service means a service for the receipt and delivery of correspondence, items of value or both, such as parcels and packets, for which a postage stamp is not required;
Courier service means any form of courier or mail service that confirms delivery by a return receipt;
Courier service means the collection, transmission and delivery, whether by land, by water or by air from one place, whether within or outside Eswatini, to another place, whether within or outside Eswatini, of postal articles with additional features including:
Courier service means a person or business entity registered with the Division to purchase authorized game tickets on behalf of individuals within the State of New Jersey and deliver those tickets, by approved means, to those individuals in the State as a for-profit service.
Courier service means any courier service engaged by the Bank or (if agreed by the Bank) by the Customer to deliver cheques and documents from the Customer to the Bank for the purpose of the Cheque and Document Collection Service;