Permitted Use definition

Permitted Use. , in relation to a property, means the limited purposes for which the property may be used in terms of
Permitted Use means, with respect to any Property, any use of such Property permitted pursuant to Section 4.1.1.
Permitted Use. General office use.

Examples of Permitted Use in a sentence

  • Explore represents and warrants to TEACH that, as of the Effective Date, Explore shall have examined and inspected all matters with respect to taxes, income and expense data, insurance costs, permissible uses, zoning, covenants, conditions and restrictions and all other matters which in Explore’s judgment bear upon the value and suitability of the Subleased Premises for Explore’s purposes and Permitted Use.

  • The Tenant will be responsible for obtaining all necessary approvals, including zoning, development and business permits for the Tenant’s Work and the Permitted Use of the Leased Premises.

  • Explore is responsible for acquiring and maintaining at all times during the Term all necessary permits and approvals for operating its Permitted Use at the Subleased Premises.

  • No such end user licence agreement or terms or conditions or restrictions sought to be imposed shall be of any effect; provided that, where the licence the Publisher has in relation to specific Licensed Content has more restricted rights than Permitted Use, it shall make that clear in the Offer and in the Metadata for the Licensed Title or Licensed Content and notify the Authorised User on access to the Licensed Content.

  • The Basic Rent payable during the Extension Terms shall be the then current fair market rental for comparable premises similar to the Leased Premises, taking into account the location, size, configuration, level of improvement, and Permitted Use of the Leased Premises, as agreed between the Landlord and the Tenant, or failing such agreement, as determined by arbitration, pursuant to the terms of the Arbitrations Act of Alberta.

More Definitions of Permitted Use

Permitted Use means the use specified in Section N of the Summary.
Permitted Use means private evaluation by the Confidant solely for the purpose of preparing a submission(s) to City in response to the RFP, and for no other purpose whatsoever.
Permitted Use means any use of the Services by an Authorized User for the benefit of Customer solely in or for Customer's internal business operations.
Permitted Use. General office use consistent with a first-class office building.
Permitted Use means the use(s) of Licensed Data as specified in Schedule 2 (Permitted Use Terms) and indicated as applicable to the Licensee on the Order Form;
Permitted Use the use of the Premises as described in Item 15.
Permitted Use means use in accordance with Clause 3 subject to the restrictions in Clause 4.