Dependent Sample Clauses

Dependent for the purpose of this Agreement, dependent means a spouse, whether of the same or opposite gender, and children under eighteen (18) years of age, or twenty-four (24) years of age if the child is in full time attendance at a school or post-secondary institution or any child that remains in the direct care of the parent in the same household because the dependent is medically verified as disabled and under twenty-four (24) years of age.
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Dependent. To be eligible to apply as a Dependent, an individual must meet the following criteria at the time of enrollment. To be eligible to maintain Dependent coverage, an individual must continue to meet the criteria. Failure to continually meet the criteria thereafter may result in a determination by the Company that the Dependent is no longer eligible for coverage and Dependent Benefits may be terminated in the manner described in this Benefit Plan:
Dependent. Dependent generally refers to the Policyholder's spouse and children. When a Dependent enrolls, we refer to that person as an Enrolled Dependent. For a complete definition of Dependent and Enrolled Dependent, see Section 8:
Dependent. To be considered Your Dependent, someone must meet the criteria listed below when You apply. To be able to keep their coverage, Dependents must continually meet that criteria. If they do not, they may no longer be eligible to be a Dependent and their Benefits may end as this Plan describes. Your Dependents qualify for coverage with this Plan if they are:
Dependent. Any person who can be claimed as a Qualifying Child or Qualifying Relative on another’s federal tax return.
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Dependent. Your: Spouse; Dependent child [who is under age 26] [through the end of the month in which he or she attains age 26]. Under certain circumstances, an incapacitated child is also a Dependent. See the Eligibility section of this Contract.
Dependent. To be eligible to enroll as a Dependent, an individual must be one of the following:  A Subscriber’s legal spouse or a legal spouse for whom a court has ordered coverage.  A registered domestic partner.  A child by birth. Adopted child. Stepchild. Minor child for whom a court has ordered coverage. Child being Placed for Adoption with the Subscriber. A child for whom a court has appointed the Subscriber or the Subscriber’s spouse the legal guardian. The definition of Dependent is subject to the following conditions and limitations:  A Dependent includes any child listed above under the limiting age of 26.  A Dependent does not include anyone who is also enrolled as a Subscriber. No one can be a Dependent of more than one Subscriber.  A Dependent includes a Dependent child who is incapable of self-sustaining employment due to mental or physical handicap, chiefly dependent upon the Subscriber for economic support and maintenance, and who has satisfied all of the requirements of (a) or (b) below:
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