Indemnification Insurance Sample Clauses

Indemnification Insurance. Employer and Employee acknowledge that, as the Chief Financial Officer of the Employer, Employee shall be a corporate officer of Employer and, as such, Employee shall be entitled to indemnification to the full extent provided by Employer to its officers, directors and agents under the Employer’s Certificate of Incorporation and Bylaws as in effect as of the date of this Agreement. Employer shall maintain Employee as an additional insured under its current policy of directors and officers liability insurance and shall use commercially reasonable efforts to continue to insure Employee thereunder, or under any replacement policies in effect from time to time, during the Term.
Indemnification Insurance. In addition to and in no way limiting the provisions set forth in Section 10 above, the City shall be afforded all of the insurance coverage and indemnifications afforded to Mesa to the extent provided under the Mesa Contract, and such insurance coverage and indemnifications shall inure and apply with equal effect to the City under this Agreement including, but not limited to, the Vendor’s obligation to provide the indemnification and insurance. In any event, the Vendor shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the City and each council member, officer, employee or agent thereof (the City and any such person being herein called an “Indemnified Party”), for, from and against any and all losses, claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys’ fees, court costs and the costs of appellate proceedings) to which any such Indemnified Party may become subject, under any theory of liability whatsoever (“Claims”), insofar as such Claims (or actions in respect thereof) relate to, arise out of, or are caused by or based upon the negligent acts, intentional misconduct, errors, mistakes or omissions, in connection with the work or services of the Vendor, its officers, employees, agents, or any tier of subcontractor in the performance of this Agreement.
Indemnification Insurance a) Parent and Sub --------------------------- agree that all rights to indemnification for acts or omissions occurring prior to the Effective Time now existing in favor of the current or former directors, officers, employees and agents (the "Indemnified Parties") of the Company and its subsidiaries as provided in their respective certificates of incorporation or by-laws (or similar organizational documents) shall survive the Merger and shall continue in full force and effect in accordance with their terms. From and after the Effective Time, Parent shall, and shall cause the Surviving Corporation to, indemnify and hold harmless any and all Indemnified Parties to the full extent such persons may be indemnified by the Company or such subsidiaries, as the case may be, pursuant to their respective certificates of incorporation or by- laws (or similar organizational documents) or pursuant to indemnification agreements as in effect on the date of this Agreement for acts or omissions occurring at or prior to the Effective Time, and Parent shall, or shall cause the Surviving Corporation to, advance litigation expenses incurred by such persons in connection with defending any action arising out of such acts or omissions to the extent provided by with the respective terms and provisions of such certificates of incorporation, by-laws, similar documents or indemnification agreements. (b) For six years from the Effective Time, Parent shall maintain in effect the Company's current directors' and officers' liability insurance covering those persons who are currently covered by the Company's directors' and officers' liability insurance policy (a copy of which has been heretofore delivered to Parent); provided, however, that in no event -------- ------- shall Parent be required to pay a premium in any one year in an amount in excess of $360,000; and, provided, further, that if the annual premiums of -------- ------- such insurance coverage exceed such amount, Parent shall be obligated to obtain a policy with the greatest coverage available for a cost not exceeding such amount. 47 (c) This Section 7.06 shall survive the consummation of the Merger at the Effective Time, is intended to benefit the Company, Parent, the Surviving Corporation and the Indemnified Parties, and shall be binding on all successors and assigns of Parent and the Surviving Corporation.
Indemnification Insurance. The Executive shall at all times be indemnified and eligible for advancement of expenses on the same basis as is provided for the Company’s other executive officers and in accordance with the provisions of the Company’s charter and by-laws then in effect. The Executive shall also be covered under all of the Company’s policies of liability insurance maintained for the benefit of its directors and officers on the same basis as is provided for its other executive officers.
Indemnification Insurance. The Executive shall be entitled to liability and expense indemnification and reimbursement to the fullest extent permitted by the Company’s current By-laws and Certificate of Incorporation, whether or not the same are subsequently amended. During the Term, the Company will use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain in effect directors’ and officers’ liability insurance no less favorable to Executive than that in effect as of the date of this Agreement.
Indemnification Insurance. The Company and/or Rex shall indemnify the Executive to the fullest extent permitted by the laws of the Company’s state of incorporation in effect at that time, or certificate of incorporation and by-laws of the Company, whichever affords the greater protection to the Executive. The Executive will be entitled to any insurance policies the Company or Rex may elect to maintain generally for the benefit of their respective officers and directors against all costs, charges and expenses incurred in connection with any action, suit or proceeding to which he may be made a party by reason of being a director or officer of the Company, Rex or its subsidiaries.
Indemnification Insurance. Nexstar shall indemnify and hold Mission and its officers, directors, stockholders, agents, and employees harmless against any and all liability for libel, slander, illegal competition or trade practice, infringement of trademarks, trade names, or program titles, violation of rights of privacy, and infringement of copyrights and proprietary rights resulting from or relating to the advertising or other material furnished by Nexstar for broadcast on the Station, along with any fine or forfeiture imposed by the FCC because of the content of material furnished by Nexstar or any conduct of Nexstar. Mission shall indemnify and hold Nexstar and its officers, directors, members, agents, and employees harmless from any failure by Mission to broadcast advertising material furnished by Nexstar except as permitted by Section 8 of this Agreement. Indemnification shall include all liability, costs, and expenses, including counsel fees (at trial and on appeal). The indemnification obligations under this Section shall survive any termination of this Agreement. The obligation of each party to indemnify is conditioned on the receipt of notice from the party making the claim for indemnification in time to allow the defending party to timely defend against the claim and upon the reasonable cooperation of the claiming party in defending against the claim. The party responsible for indemnification shall select counsel and control the defense, subject to the indemnified party’s reasonable approval, provided, however, that no claim may be settled by an indemnifying party without the consent of the indemnified party, and provided further, that if an indemnifying party and a claimant agree on a settlement and the indemnified party rejects the settlement unreasonably, the indemnifying party’s liability will be limited to the amounts the claimant agreed to accept in settlement. Nexstar and Mission shall each carry (A) comprehensive general liability insurance with reputable companies covering their activities under this Agreement, in an amount not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00); (B) worker’s compensation and/or disability insurance; and (C) libel/defamation/First Amendment liability insurance, with a deductible of no more than $100,000. Each Party will name the other party as an additional insured on these policies.
Indemnification Insurance. The Company shall indemnify the Executive to the fullest extent allowed by applicable law pursuant to that certain Indemnification Agreement dated as of August 1, 2000 by and between the Company and the Executive, as the same may be amended from time to time. The Executive shall be covered by the Company’s directors’ and officers’ liability insurance policy, if any.
Indemnification Insurance. During your employment and thereafter, the Company shall, on the same basis as is provided for the Company’s continuing officers and directors from time to time, indemnify and hold you harmless against any costs or expenses (including attorneys’ fees), judgments, fines, losses, claims, damages or liabilities incurred in connection with any claim, action, suit, proceeding or investigation, whether civil, criminal, administrative or investigative, by reason of the fact that you are or were a director, officer, employee or agent of the Company or any Subsidiary, whether asserted or claimed prior to, at or after the date of your termination of employment, to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law and on a basis no less favorable than in existence under the Company’s Bylaws and Certificate of Incorporation in effect as of the Effective Date. During your employment and thereafter, Company shall provide to you coverage under a policy of directors’ and officers’ liability insurance that provides you with coverage on the same basis as is provided for the Company’s continuing officers and directors from time to time.
Indemnification Insurance. The Company shall defend, indemnify and hold Executive harmless from any and all liabilities, obligations, claims or expenses which arise in connection with or as a result of Executive's service as an officer or director of the Company to the greatest extent now provided in the Company's Articles and Bylaws and as otherwise allowed by law. During the Term and for a period of at least six years thereafter, Executive shall be entitled to the same directors and officers' liability insurance coverage that the Company provides generally to its other directors and officers, as may be amended from time to time for such directors and officers.