Probation Sample Clauses

Probation. At any time after October 15, a classroom teacher whose work is judged not satisfactory based on the scoring criteria shall be placed on probation and notified in writing of the specific areas of deficiencies and provided a written reasonable plan of improvement.
Probation. 2.1 It is understood that a new employee working extended shifts will be considered on probation until he/she has completed four hundred and fifty (450) hours of work (60 x 7.5 hours = 450). In all other respects the terms of probation will be in accordance with the collective agreement.
Probation. ‌ Any new employee who, within three (3) months previous to being hired by the Employer, worked for any Employer where the Union is certified and where the Employer is a member of the Health Employers Association of B.C., shall be required to serve a probationary period in accordance with Article 13. Upon completion of the probationary period, the employee shall be credited with portable benefits as defined below.
Probation. A. Employees, whether part-time or full-time, following his or her initial appointment to a permanent position, will serve a probationary period of six (6) consecutive months. The Employer may extend the probationary period for an individual or for all employees in a class as long as the extension does not cause the total period to exceed twelve (12) consecutive months. Employees will be provided with an explanation for the extension.
Probation. Employees (other than casual employees) will be on probation for the first three months of engagement for the purpose of determining the employee’s suitability for ongoing employment. The employer may specify in writing in advance a longer period of probation depending on the nature and circumstances of the employee’s role with the employer. At any time during the probationary period, the employer or the employee can terminate the employment by giving one day’s notice.
Probation. (a) The Employer may reject a probationary employee for just cause. The Employer will provide the reasons for the rejection in writing. A rejection during probation will not be considered a dismissal for the purpose of Clause 11.2 (Dismissal and Suspension) of this agreement. The test of just cause for rejection will be a test of suitability of the probationary employee for continued employment in the position to which they have been appointed, provided that the factors involved in suitability could reasonably be expected to affect work performance.
Probation. Probationary bargaining unit members shall have no seniority until the completion of the probationary period, at which time their seniority shall revert to their first day of work. The probationary period shall be sixty (60) work days.
Probation. SCSB may direct staff, before termination of this Charter Agreement for a material breach thereof, to place a School on “Probation” for such period of time, up to one year, or such other time period as may be appropriate or established by rule, necessary for the School to be able to establish its ability to comply with all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement and all controlling laws, regulations and rules. The SCSB will provide notice of such probation and the terms of that probation in a letter provided to the Governing Board. In addition, the SCSB may provide focused support to the Charter School, including assigning a coach, providing professional development, and analysis of monthly written updates provided by the Charter School governing board and key administrators.
Probation. (a) A police recruit to the Department shall be accepted as a Probationary Constable and shall be placed in a probationary capacity until successful completion of 18 months' service following the date of employment. During the 18 month period the required basic training shall be successfully completed. Any period of service as a pre-recruit shall not be considered service for the purposes of the probationary period as set out in this paragraph (a).