Hour Sample Clauses

Hour. For time worked in excess of one (1) hour, overtime will be paid at one and one-half (1½) the employee’s straight-time rate of pay, in one (1) hour increments.
Hour. D22.1 No teacher shall be required to perform school supervision duties during the school‟s regularly scheduled noon intermission, before or after school, and will be expected to supervise, at most, only one (1) recess per week. The duty roster shall be set by the staff committee in each school.
Hour. All authorized time worked which is beyond the unit employee's work shift schedule which is less than one (1) hour increments shall be compensated in the following manner: Time Time Worked 4 - 8 minutes 0.1 hour 9-15 minutes 0.2 hour 16-20 minutes 0.3 hour 21-26 minutes 0.4 hour 27-33 minutes 0.5 hour 34-38 minutes 0.6 hour 39-45 minutes 0.7 hour 46-50 minutes 0.8 hour 51-57 minutes 0.9 hour 58-60 minutes 1.0 hour
Hour. Employees who are not required by the Department to actually work the entire four (4) hour guarantee time period and are subsequently recalled during this initial four (4) hour period shall not receive an additional guarantee of four (4) hours pay.
Hour. On a three-shift rotation, one of every third shift will be a day shift.
Hour. In the parties contract, Article 3, Section 1 states: The Employer shall make every reasonable effort to assign drivers at least forty (40) hours of work per week. The parties agree that drivers may wish to be scheduled less than 40 hours per week. In order to meet the requirements of “every reasonable effort to assign drivers at least forty (40) hours per week, the Employer shall:
Hour. The Parties shall endeavor to cause the patent attorney to render his or her guidance as to the Patent Resolution Issue within five (5) Business Days after such discussion. Neither Party shall engage in any ex parte communications with the patent attorney. The Parties shall accept and follow the guidance and resolution of the patent attorney absent any fraud in the proceedings.
Hour. The length and scheduling of the meal break shall be subject to operational requirements, but shall be as close to the middle of an employee=s shift as reasonably possible.
Hour. Cable Splicer’s Helper Construction Worker Meter Reader I Parks Equipment Maintainer Waterworks Utility Worker I Hour Customer Services Rep. II Engineering Stenographer Finance Clerk II Recreation Stenographer Start 0 Level Hour Electric Utility Worker Fleet Maintenance Scheduler Garage Stock Keeper Meter Reader II Stock Keeper Work Measurement Statistician Hour Customer Services Rep. III Engineering Office Clerk Finance Clerk III Parks Office Representative Plant Office Dispatcher Senior Stenographer Senior Stenographer Rec. Level 8 Hour Buyer Facility Maintainer/Operator Night Waterworks Servicer Parks Equipment Operator Waterworks Servicer Waterworks Utility Worker II Yard Stock Keeper Hour Adjustment Representative New Services Representative Start 0 Level 9 Hour Assistant Systems Operator Equipment Operator Gardener General Concrete Worker Painter Underground Plant Locator Water-Meter Repairer Winch Truck Driver/Ground Helper Hour Computer Operator Drafter Junior Surveyor Residential Serv. Rep. Level Hour Collector Leading Parks Worker Waterworks Inspector Zoo Keeper Hour Collection Representative Level Hour Electric Acceptance Inspector Electric Servicer Greenhouse Grower Head Groundskeeper Leading Stock Keeper Hour Applications Programmer Accounting Assistant Start Level Hour Cable Splicer Xxxxxxxxx Electrician Leading Construction Worker Leading Golf Course Worker Leading Landscaper Tree Planter Leading Painter Leading Water Meter Repairer Leading Waterworks Utility Worker Plant Maintenance Mechanic Refrigeration Mechanic Signwriter Tree Trimmer Waterworks Acceptance Inspector Water Supply Operator Hour Drafter Surveyor Customer Account Specialist Customer Service Energy Advisor Level Hour Electric U/G Installer Electric Meter Technician Leading Tree Trimmer Motor Vehicle & Equipment Mechanic Traffic Signal Technician Hour Senior Statistical Analyst Level Hour Leading Electric Servicer Master Plumber/Gas Fitter/Steam Fitter Systems Operator Hour Start Level Hour Instrumentation Control Technician Leading Cable Splicer Leading Plant Maintenance Mechanic Leading Traffic Signal Technician Journeyman Power Lineman Substation Maintenance Technician Hour Accountant Systems Analyst Level Customer Services Rep. Hour Leading Electric Meter Technician Leading Electric U/G Installer Hour Level Hour Leading Power Lineman Hour Electric Engineering Technician Systems Programmer Level Hour Hour Civil Engineering Technologist Electric Engineering Technologist Elec...
Hour. A temporal hour of 60 minutes, not a mega-watt hour. In order to account for fractions of an hour, hours will be calculated by rounding up the time measured to the nearest full minute, then dividing that number by 60, and expressing the quotient as a positive number out to three decimal places. By way of illustration only, if the measured amount of time were 46 minutes and 20 seconds, the time would be rounded up to 47 minutes, and because 47 divided by 60 equals 0.7833333333, the number of hours would be expressed as 0.783.