Shift Schedule Sample Clauses

Shift Schedule. The words "shift schedule" when used in this Agreement shall mean a timetable of the shifts and off days assigned to a position or group of positions which commences at the beginning of a pay period and includes one complete rotation of said shifts.
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Shift Schedule. The four platoon system shift schedule is set out as Schedule “A” to this Article. A member's days off shall be established in accordance with the shift schedule.
Shift Schedule. The tenderer has to ask his workmen to follow the prevailing shift schedule of TURAMDIH MILL if they are put in shift duties otherwise they will be in general shift and will follow the general shift schedule. During round the clock shift operation, off days will be as per shift schedule, off for Sundays and other national holidays are not applicable. The supplier has to ask his xxxxxxx to follow the prevailing shift schedule at TURAMDIH MILL. Shift duty or general shift duty for the xxxxxxx will be decided in consultation with UCIL.
Shift Schedule. LETTER NO. 3 This letter will confirm the following understanding which was reached prior to implementation of a 19 Shift Schedule:
Shift Schedule. LETTER NO. 1 This letter will confirm the following understanding which was reached in contract negotiations for the renewal of the collective agreement expiring January 11, 2008:
Shift Schedule. The shift schedule, which is known as “four on and four off,” shall be worked as per the attached Appendix I. One work shift shall span twelve (12) consecutive hours inclusive of a one and one- quarter (1-1/4) hour unpaid lunch break, and two ten (10) minute paid rest periods.
Shift Schedule. The Company reserves the right to change the current shift schedule where circumstances so warrant. Such changes will be discussed with the Union prior to implementation.
Shift Schedule. 3.6.1 Before establishing availability schedules, the local parties shall discuss whether a new shift schedule can be set up based on 14-28. A shift plan based on 14-28 entails a working hours reduction of 7.71%. Minutes shall be kept of such discussions. The parties agree that a full-time equivalent pursuant to 3.2.8 is 1582 hours. It is presumed that the difference in hours this entails shall be docked from pay or made up. The specifics of how to accomplish this shall be agreed locally.
Shift Schedule. It is understood that the first shift or day shift shall consist of ten consecutive hours, mealtime excepted and shall commence at 7:00 a.m. or after. The night shift or second shift shall consist of ten (10) consecutive hours, mealtime excepted, and shall commence prior to 7:00 p.m.