Health and Safety Plan Sample Clauses

Health and Safety Plan. I will prepare and submit Health and Safety Plan to Project Manager before the commencement of the works and Resource Capacity Schedule, as per the following in details:-
Health and Safety Plan. I/We will prepare and submit Health and Safety Plan to Project Co-ordinator before the commencement of each Task and Resource Capacity Schedule, including following details:-
Health and Safety Plan. In order to prevent any risks related to the interference between the activities of the Instructing Party and the Service Provider, the required information has been sent by the Service Provider, a prior inspection of shared workplaces, the analysis of occupational risks and, if applicable, the establishment of a prevention plan (in the appendix of this Contract) have been produced in accordance with the provisions of Articles R4511-1 et seq. of the French Labour Code. The Service Provider also declares that it has read the specific hygiene and safety conditions in the instructing party's internal rules and regulations and is committed to ensuring that its own employees follow them strictly. The Instructing Party commits to give the Service Provider at least eight days advance notice of any changes on this matter, applicable within its organisation. It is also agreed that any new statutory or regulatory provision in this area will be immediately enforced.
Health and Safety Plan. The Contractor shall provide a Health and Safety Plan within seven (7) days of Contract award. The Contractor shall not proceed with service until the required insurance and Health and Safety Plan have been received and approved by the County.
Health and Safety Plan. Prior to commencing any Services at a Work Site, Supplier shall, in accordance with EHS Laws provide and comply with a site specific health and safety plan, Work Site requirements, and shall make the same available to Buyer or its Representatives at Buyer’s request. If Supplier fails to comply with this Article 19, Buyer may, at its sole option and without limiting its other rights, order Supplier or its Representatives to cease Services until Supplier complies at Supplier’s sole cost and expense. If Supplier is unable or refuses to take corrective action hereunder Buyer may contract with a third party or otherwise continue such Services at the Work Site and charge Supplier any excess cost reasonably incurred by Buyer. Buyer shall have the right, at its sole discretion, to remove Supplier or its Representatives from a Work Site for violation of this Article 19.
Health and Safety Plan. The Contractor’s health and safety plan is the Contractor’s proposal of how the work will be carried out considering the hazards expected and procedures. The Supervisor reviews and accepts the health and safety plan according to EPC 32-136. The construction regulation checklist with the required information must be included in the health and safety plan. The Contractor ensures that contents of the health and safety plan for the project shall include at least: • A copy of the principal contractor appointment letter. • The scope of works /description of the work for which the Contractor was appointed. • The Contractor’s risk assessment including control/mitigation measures to address all the risks identified. • The risk based legislative appointments made, by the Contractor, as required by the construction regulations. • The risk based legislative checklists and registers to be completed, by the Contractor, as required by the construction regulations. • Certified copies and proof of competencies of all Contractor appointees i.e. training certificates, permits, medical certificate of fitness and curriculum vitae where required. • Copies of identity documents for Contractor’s employees / workers appointed for the works. • Accident/incident registers to be kept, by the Contractor, in the event of any incidents, including near misses. A copy of the Employer’s flash report template is included in the Contractor’s health and safety plan, should it be required in the event of an incident. • Any waste management and pollution prevention by the Contractor – where required permits for dumping/incineration at authorised facilities. The Contractor must consult and comply with the Employer’s applicable waste procedure KAE 012. • Proof of the Contractor’s registration and letter of good standing with COID or other registered insurer, Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) and/ or Electrical Contractors Board. • A SHE Programme, compiled by the Contractor, using the template provided in KAA-768 rev 4 • The Supervisor’s letter of acceptance of the health and safety plan is added as soon as it is obtained. The Contractor submits the health and safety plan, 30 days prior to commencement of any part of the works on Site, to the Supervisor, who verifies whether contents for acceptance. The Contractor’s health and safety plan will be returned to the Contractor, should it not contain the required information or where the necessary permits have expired. The accepted Contra...
Health and Safety Plan. Before commencement of any construction work, the Contractor shall prepare a project specific Health and Safety Plan complying with the requirements of Construction Regulation 7(1)(a) and this Health and Safety Specification. The Health and Safety Plan must include a risk assessment performed and recorded in writing by a competent person as required in terms of Construction Regulation 9. The risk assessment shall identify and evaluate the risks and hazards that may be expected during the execution of the work under the contract, and it shall include a documented plan and applicable safe work procedures to mitigate, reduce or control the risks and hazards identified. The Health and Safety Plan shall be available on site for inspection by inspectors, the Employer, the Employer’s Agent, subcontractors, employees, representative trade unions, and health and safety representatives and committee members, and must be monitored and reviewed periodically by the Contractor.
Health and Safety Plan. It is mandatory for the Principal Contractor to submit a Health & Safety Plan to the Employer (client). The Employer will discuss and negotiate with the Principal Contractor the contents of the Health & Safety Plan contemplated in 5(1) of the Construction Regulations and thereafter finally approve the Health & Safety Plan for implementation. The Principal Contractor must forward their Health & Safety Plan to the Employer's Representative (Programme / Project Manager) within two weeks of contract award or as soon as practically possible after contract award. No work to commence without the prior approval of the Health & Safety Plan. Any changes to the Contractor's submitted Health & Safety Plan will not result in a compensation event or changes to the contract value. Typically, the following identified risks could endanger the work as done by the Contractor. The Contractor should identify mitigation actions for these risks, as well as identify any additional risks and submit at tender stage: TYPICAL RISK YES/NO LIVE UNDERGROUND CABLES WORK IN LIVE XXXXXXXX/RESTRICTED AREAS LIVE OVERHEAD CONDUCTORS/CROSSINGS CLOSE PROXIMITY WORK TO LIVE EQUIPMENT WORK IN ELEVATED POSITIONS/ON LADDERS/FROM CRANE BUCKETS OPERATING OF CRANES/VEHICLE MOUNTED STATIC ELECTRICITY/INDUCTION , STEP POTENTIAL ETC WORK WITH CHAINSAWS/MECHANICAL CUTTERS MATERIALS HANDLING/ HEAVY EQUIPMENT HANDLING CONDUCTOR STRINGING AND TENSIONING VEHICLE RISKS WORK IN OPEN TRENCHES/EXCAVATIONS BIOLOGICAL/HEALTH RISKS (CAMPS) WEATHER RELATED RISKS (UV, HEAT, COLD) ENVIRONMENTAL RISKS ERGONOMIC RISKS (BODY POSITION, FATIGUE) WORK ON/DISMANTLING OF RUSTED & ROTTEN POLES AND STRUCTURES FIRE RISKS PUBLIC SAFETY RISKS
Health and Safety Plan. The Attached Health and Safety Plan, prepared in accordance with EPA's current Standard Operating Safety Guide, has been approved by EPA, is incorporated by reference, and provides for protection of the public health and safety during performance of on-Site Work under this Settlement Agreement.