Filling Sample Clauses

Filling. Return filling around foundations and filling to make up levels under floors and pavings shall not be deposited until the formation level has been approved by the Architect. In no case shall fill be deposited on a muddy formation. Filling shall be deposited in layers not exceeding 250 mm in depth before compaction and shall be compacted by rolling, pneumatic temping or other approved means over the whole of the area. If necessary the filling shall be allowed to dry or be moistened to the correct moisture content before compaction. The finished surface shall be approved by the Architect prior to further Construction work thereon. The Contractor shall afford every assistance to the specialist executing site sterilization to enable each layer to be treated separately. Filling around foundations in layers shall not proceed without each layer being so treated. No excavation or foundation work shall be filled in or covered up until all measurements necessary for the adjustment of variations have been made. Xxxxxxx shall not be built upon the foundations until four days after depositing of concrete.
Filling. A. Fill areas to be filled in 8 to 12 inch maximum layers and compact to a density of at least 95 percent of maximum density as determined by AASHTO T-180.
Filling. Notwithstanding the reference to prescribed multiple handling in clause 1 page 6 of the Standard System of Measuring Building Work, prices for filling and backfilling shall include for all selection and any multiple handling of material Soil poisoning Ant and weed poisoning will be applied in accordance to SABS specifications by Registered and Approved Specialists who will issue a five (5) year guarantee. The contractor will only be paid for this items once they have produced the said cerfificate to the Principal Agent
Filling. 5 150mm G7 Sub-base course, selected and supplied by the Contractor, deposited in layers not exceeding 150mm thick, watered and consolidated to 93% modified AASHTO density under slabs. m3 18 Prescribed Testing 6 Provide and have filling compaction check tested by a Consulting Engineer's Laboratory and deliver the results to the Architect within 24 hours of the tests being completed. No 2 Reinforced concrete 25MPa (19mm stone) in: 7 Paving in panels including any necessary formwork. m3 12 Carried to Collection R BUILDING WORKS Bill No. 13 EXTERNAL WORKS 1 Ramps. m3 0.4 Surface treatment 2 Float surface of concrete to a wood float finish. m2 120 Test blocks and testing 3 Allow for preparing and curing a set of three test cubes, each size 150mm x 150mm x 150mm and pay all transport and testing costs undertaken by an approved independent laboratory. (Provisional) No 2 Movement joints 4 10mm Thick "Jointex" closed cell polyethylene joint filler with hinged blocking piece between concrete surfaces not exceeding 300mm wide.
Filling. ORDERS To use its best efforts to fill all orders of DISTRIBUTOR for delivery of the Products hereunder. Orders shall be placed in writing and mailed or transmitted by facsimile in accordance with the Rolling Demand Forecasting system described in Section 4.4.1 hereof. No order from DISTRIBUTOR shall be binding upon Calypte until such order is accepted by Calypte in writing by mail or facsimile, such acceptance not to be unreasonably withheld and to be issued within 5 working days of receipt of order. Calypte shall make commercially reasonable efforts to fill orders which are placed by DISTRIBUTOR in addition to the orders placed through the Rolling Demand Forecasting system.
Filling. Filling shall be done with approved quality earth. It shall be free from salt, organic matter, black cotton or slushy earth and combustible materials. All clods shall be broken.
Filling. Filling with approved material supplied and carted onto site by the Contractor, compacted to a density of at least 95% Mod. AASHTO maximum density: 4 Under surface beds m3 201 EXCAVATION OTHER THAN BULK Excavation in earth not exceeding 2m deep: 5 Trenches for strip footings m3 48 6 Holes m3 3 CARTING AWAY Extra over all excavations for carting away: 7 Surplus material from excavation and/or stockpile on site to a dumping site to be allocated by the contractor. m3 101