Moisture Content Sample Clauses

Moisture Content. Salt shall be in a free-flowing condition when received at the delivery location with a moisture content not to exceed one (1) percent. Samples will be sent to the VTrans laboratory to perform moisture content, gradation, and purity tests. Laboratory test results reports will be used to assess Liquidated Damages and the truck moistures will only be for the immediate acceptance or rejection of the product.
Moisture Content. The moisture content of the stabilized material shall be as directed by the Engineer but nevertheless within the range of 85% to 100% of the optimum Moisture Content (AASHTO T.180)
Moisture Content. If the weighted average moisture content of the coal received for any Sample Period exceeds [_ _ _ _], the Base Price payable for such coal shall be reduced by [_ _ _ _].
Moisture Content. The price shall be based on net tons at 40% moisture content +/- 5%. The Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services personnel will also check the moisture content using the following procedure; samples shall be weighed before and after complete drying in a microwave oven. Shipments shall be subject to sampling by the State, at its discretion, to confirm conformance with moisture content requirements.”
Moisture Content. Buyer will purchase and accept deliveries of, and gypsum will be deemed to be, Complying Gypsum if it contains no less than * * * moisture, no more than * * * moisture, and if the gypsum otherwise meets the specifications set forth in Exhibit A. The moisture content average shall be determined monthly, and the monthly figures shall be weighted on a tonnage basis to calculate the annual average moisture content per ton of Complying Gypsum for each Contract Year.
Moisture Content. Seller agrees that all Chips, except plywood Chips or Chips produced from wood that has been stored at a wet yard, sold hereunder shall be produced from green wood that has not been previously kiln or air-dried and such Chips will be delivered to Buyer containing only their natural moisture content.
Moisture Content. The CONTRACTOR will ensure that all material produced meets the specifications as set out in Section "B-2".
Moisture Content. Aerobic decomposition can proceed at any moisture content 30% to 100%, if aeration can be provided. In practical aerobic composting, high moisture content must be avoided because water displaces air from interstices between the particles and thereby give rise to anaerobic conditions. On the hand too low moisture content deprives the organisms of the water needed for their metabolism. The maximum moisture content for satisfactory aerobic composting will vary with the material used. Investigation indicates that the moisture content of the municipal refuse fall in the range of 40 to 60% which is most satisfactory range for aerobic composting. Additives of various types are used with materials such as night soil, sewage sludge, garbage slop, which contain excessive amounts of moisture. When the moisture content is too low (below 40%) it may be corrected by adding water when it is being burned.
Moisture Content. Macadamia NIS will be accepted at varying moisture levels. However, suppliers are advised that correct farm storage is essential, and the removal of moisture should begin immediately after harvest.
Moisture Content. If the weighted average moisture of the coal received for any Sample Period exceeds [_ _ _ the Base Price payable for such coal shall be reduced by $[ ]/ton.