Principal Agent Sample Clauses

Principal Agent the Principal Agent to:
Principal Agent. 9.1 The Parties agree that the referral of a matter to the Principal Agent in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement shall be subject to the following provisions –
Principal Agent. Xxxx Holdings
Principal Agent. The CITY authorizes GMA to act as its agent for the purpose of performing its obligations under this Agreement. No other principal-agent relationship between the parties is created by this contract. GMA and its agents, subcontractors, officers and employees, shall have the authority to do all things necessary and appropriate to carry out GMA’s obligations under this Agreement. No agent, subcontractor, officer, or employee of GMA will be considered an employee or officer of the CITY for any purpose and no agent, subcontractor, officer or employee of GMA is entitled to any of the benefits and privileges of a CITY employee or officer under any provision of the statutes of State of Georgia and/or ordinances of the CITY.
Principal Agent. As nominated by employer Clause applicable
Principal Agent. 4.1. The Owner undertakes to ensure that the Principal Agent strictly complies with all the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the Building Contract.
Principal Agent. LimCo Registered Quantity Surveyors Postal address: PO Box 4423 Tzaneen 0850 Tel: 000 000 0000 Fax: 000 000 0000 E-mail: xxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xx.xx Carried to Collection R Section No. 1 PRELIMINARIES AND GENERAL Bill No. 1 MOPANI SOUTH EAST TVET COLLEGE AIR-CONDITION REPLACEMENT
Principal Agent. Infracon Consulting Tel. No.: (000) 000 0000 E-mail: Physical address: 00 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx 00 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx 0000 1.3 Agent (1): Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Architects: Architect Postal Address: 00 Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx Xxx, Xxxx Xxxx Tel. No.: (000) 000 0000 Email: Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx <xxxxxxx@xxxx.xx.xx> 1.4 Agent (2): Infracon Consulting Agent's Service: Quantity Surveyor Tel. No.: (000) 000 0000 E-mail: Physical address: 00 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx 00 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx 0000 1.5 Agent (3): Tshiki Consulting Engineers Agent's Service: Structural / Civil Engineer Xxx.Xx.: (000) 000 0000 E-mail: xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx Physical address: 0X Xxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxx, East London 5247 1.10 Interest of Principal Agent or other Agents in the project - No 2.0 -
Principal Agent. The Participant authorizes GMA to act as its agent for the services identified in this Agreement. GMA, as the Participant’s agent, shall specifically have the ability to do all things necessary and appropriate to allow GMA to carry out its obligations under this Agreement, including but not limited to the authority to contact existing and prospective energy providers, gather energy-related information from energy providers, represent the Participant in energy-related rate, service, supply, and other negotiations, select an energy supplier on behalf of the Participant, and contract for energy purchases for and on behalf of the Participant for the term and purpose as specified herein. It is specifically agreed and understood that this appointment creates a principal-agent relationship for natural gas purchases, and it is not an assignment or assumption of the right and responsibilities under existing supply agreements.
Principal Agent. This agreement creates the relationship of principal and agent between Artist and Agent and the standard of care each owes the other in the performance of this agreement is that of ordinary care.