Extend Sample Clauses

Extend. A domain can be extended within the Auto-Renew Grace Period for up to a total of ten years. The account of the sponsoring Registrar at the time of the additional extension will be charged for the additional number of years the registration is extended. Transfer (other than ICANN-approved bulk transfer). If a domain is transferred within the Auto-Renew Grace Period, the losing Registrar is credited with the Auto-Renew charge and the year added by the Auto-Renew operation is cancelled. The expiration date of the domain is extended by one year up to a total maximum of ten and the gaining Registrar is charged for that additional year, even in cases where a full year is not added because of the 10-year registration term maximum limitation. Bulk Transfer (with ICANN approval). Bulk transfers with ICANN approval may be made during the Auto-Renew Grace Period according to the procedures in Part B of the ICANN Policy on Transfer of Registrations between Registrars. The expiration dates of transferred registrations are not affected. The losing Registrar's account is charged for the Auto-Renew.
Extend in whole or in part, by renewal or otherwise at any time of payment or performance on the part of COMPANY, provided for in the Lease Agreement;
Extend. This approach takes students through the learning cycle by tapping into prior knowledge and experiences, new explorations and investigations. Engage - These activities mentally engage students with an event or question. Engagement activities capture students' interest and help them to make connections with what they know and can do. The teacher provides an orientation to the unit and assesses students’ prior understanding of the concepts addressed in the unit. Explore - Students encounter hands-on experiences in which they explore the concept further. They receive little explanation and few terms at this point, because they are to define the problem or phenomenon in their own words. The purpose at this stage of the model is for students to acquire a common set of experiences from which they can help one another make sense of the concept. Students must spend significant time during this stage of the model talking about their experiences, both to articulate their own understanding and to understand another's viewpoint. Explain – Only after students have explored the concept does the curriculum and/or teacher provide the scientific explanation and terms for what they are studying. The teacher may present the concepts via lecture, demonstration, reading, or multimedia (video, computer-based). Students then use the terms to describe what they have experienced, and they begin to examine mentally how this explanation fits with what they already know. Elaborate/Extend - Students elaborate on their understanding of the concept. They are given opportunities to apply the concept in unique situations, or they are given related ideas to explore and explain using the information and experiences they have accumulated so far. Interaction between the students is essential during the elaboration stage. By discussing their ideas with others, students can construct a deeper understanding of the concepts. Using NGSS standards for Science, teachers will develop lessons using strategies that incorporate the following Essential Science Components: Preparing Students for Learning and Prior-Knowledge Assessment - “frontloading” to elicit prior knowledge related to real-life experiences and applications. Strategies: Using graphic organizer, Concept Mapping, KWL, showing a video clip, conducting a demonstration, using literature. Developing Active Learners - Students can become active learners by providing opportunities for them to construct their own understanding. These situations ...
Extend refinance, renew, replace, restructure, exchange or refund, or incur any Indebtedness for the purpose of repaying, any Indebtedness of the Company Parties; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that the Issuers may refinance, renew, replace, restructure, exchange or refund all Indebtedness existing under the Senior Credit Documents if the terms of subordination which would apply to the Indebtedness evidenced by the Note after giving effect to such refinancing, renewal, replacement, restructuring, exchange or refunding would be no less favorable to the Purchaser than those set forth in the Senior Agent/LLCP Subordination Agreement;
Extend. You can extend the recording time while manual/ reservation recording.
Extend. 4/0 copper conductor in conduit from grounding riser to service equipment in all base building floor electrical closets within base building core. Provide ground bushings at each end of all conduits containing grounding conductors and bond.
Extend. A-Star and Swap-A-Star program purchase are not cancelable, can not be exchanged or transferred, and are non refundable.
Extend. 1#4 awg copper conductor in conduit from ground riser to each base building IDF (communicators) closet within base building core. Provide ground bushings at each end of all conduits containing grounding conductors and bond.