Extended Sample Clauses

Extended. Year contractual faculty members who are (1) ratedSatisfactory” and (2) those rated “Acceptable but needs some improvement” who are permitted by supervising administrators to teach overloads, will be compensated for all such overloads in the term in which they are taught at the overload rate.
Extended sick leave provisions shall apply when a member has missed ten (10) consecutive tours of duty or a member is aware, through consultation with a physician, that an illness will in all likelihood cause the member to miss more than ten (10) tours of duty. (2012)
Extended. WORKDAY The Board and Union agree that in the event a Bargaining Unit Member is required to participate in school related activities that extend beyond the assistants normal workday said Bargaining Unit Member shall be compensated in accordance with their hourly rate of pay with prior approval of the Director of Human Resources. In the event the Bargaining Unit Member is not required to participate in activities that extend the day said Bargaining Unit Members shall be compensated for their normal workday.
Extended. The granting of extended leaves of absence, without pay, is at the discretion of the Director of Education, or designate. An extended leave of absence is defined as being more than five consecutive working days and less than one school year. Extended leave shall be without pay. Salary deduction for approved leaves without pay will be at 1/194th of the Teacher’s salary. If the extended leave of absence is for a period of more than twenty (20) consecutive working days, benefits may be extended provided that the Teacher pre-pays 100% of the applicable premiums, provided that the benefit plan(s) allow continued participation under these circumstances. A Teacher returning from an extended leave will be assigned to the same or equivalent position to that which was held prior to the leave.
Extended. Includes Base DialogModules, recognition kernel, reporting tools, and the following DialogModules: CreditCardNumber - Collects a credit card number. Can understand the major credit cards and many private label cards from retailers CCExpDate - Collects the expiration date for a credit card, usually month and year. It recognizes the last day of a given month as well. Currency - Lets callers speak a monetary value in a natural way, e.g., "One hundred twenty-five dollars and thirty two cents. Non US dollars can be customized. Date - Collects dates in several formats, e.g., June Fourth or 6/4/70, nicknames can be mapped, e.g., Christmas or today, allowing callers to speak a date in a natural way ItemList - Up to 2,500 words NaturalNumbers - Collects whole numerical amounts; callers can say "fifty four hundred". Vocabulary for units can also be added, as in "a thousand boxes". SocialSecurityNumber - Collects a 9-digit US Social Security number. Illegal numbers, such as those beginning with three zeroes, are screened out TimeOfDay - Collects a naturally spoken time of day. Callers can use 12- hour or 24-hour times, as well as prefix words such as "about" and "around TelephoneNumber - Collects a phone number in the "North American Numbering Plan" consisting of ten, seven or three digits. It allows common phrases such as "area code" and "one eight hundred". ZipCode - Recognizes a five and/or nine digit United States ZIP code
Extended. An employee who is unable to work because of personal illness, disability or death of a member of the immediate family and who has exhausted all leave available shall be granted a leave of absence without pay for the duration of such illness or disability, up to the end of the contract year. Such leave may be renewed each year upon written request by the employee and upon approval of that request by the Board.
Extended sick leave shall be compensated at fifty percent (50%) of the unit member's regular rate of pay, from the first day of illness, but only if qualified under 16.8.1 above.
Extended year personnel shall be entitled to one (1) day leave of absence for illness or injury per 20 days. The absent certificated employee shall receive the difference between the employee's salary and Board's adopted rate of pay for substitutes.
Extended. When a teacher has exhausted his or her total accumulated sick leave and is absent on account of illness, the Board will consider on an individual basis, the granting of extended sick leave, which may be with full salary or salary minus the rate for substitute, or without salary. Such deductions as the Board may authorize will be made in the pay period immediately following that in which the absence occurred.