Plan Administrator Sample Clauses

Plan Administrator. Employees must elect a plan administrator during their initial enrollment in Advantage and may change their plan administrator election only during the annual open enrollment and when permitted under Section 5. Dependents must be enrolled through the same plan administrator as the employee.
Plan Administrator. The Named Plan Administrator under the Plan shall be the (choose 1, 2, 3 or 4): Note: Pentegra Services, Inc. may not be appointed Plan Administrator.
Plan Administrator. The Bank shall be the Plan Administrator, unless the Bank appoints a committee to be the Plan Administrator. The Bank may appoint a Committee (“Committee”) of one or more individuals in the employment of Bank for the purpose of discharging the administrative responsibilities of the Bank under the Plan. The Bank may remove a Committee member for any reason by giving such member ten (10) days’ written notice and may thereafter fill any vacancy thus created. The Committee shall represent the Bank in all matters concerning the administration of this Plan; provided however, the final authority for all administrative and operational decisions relating to the Plan remains with the Bank.
Plan Administrator. This Agreement shall be administered by a Plan Administrator, which shall consist of the Bank’s board of directors or such committee as the board shall appoint. The Employee may be a member of the Administrator.
Plan Administrator. Dane County is hereby designated as the Plan Administrator. The Plan Administrator shall have the authority to control and manage the operation and administration of the Plan, including the authority to make and enforce reasonable rules or regulations for the efficient administration of the Plan. The Plan Administrator shall give reasonable notice of the availability and terms of the Plan to employees and shall keep accurate records of all benefits paid under the Plan.
Plan Administrator. This Agreement shall be administered by a Plan Administrator which shall consist of the Board, or such committee or persons as the Board may choose. The Plan Administrator shall also have the discretion and authority to (i) make, amend, interpret and enforce all appropriate rules and regulations for the administration of this Agreement and (ii) decide or resolve any and all questions including interpretations of this Agreement, as may arise in connection with this Agreement.
Plan Administrator. For purposes of this Agreement, the term “Plan Administrator” means the Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors of the Company or any different committee appointed by the Board of Directors as described more fully in Section 3.1 of the Plan.
Plan Administrator. (i) To file such reports as may be required with the United States Department of Labor, the Internal Revenue Service and any other government agency to which reports may be required to be submitted from time to time; and