ELEMENT Sample Clauses

ELEMENT. A generic term used to refer to either a bar or a space. HUMAN READABLE INTERPRETATION (HRI) - The exact interpretation of the encoded barcode data presented in a human readable font. INTERCHARACTER GAP - The space between the last element of one character and the first element of the adjacent character of a discrete barcode. MARGIN (QUIET ZONE) - The area immediately preceding the start character and following the stop character, which contains no markings. SPACE - The lighter element of a barcode. START AND STOP CHARACTER - A distinct character represented by an asterisk (*), used at the beginning and end of each 3 of 9 barcode which provides initial timing references and direction of read information to the coding logic. The asterisk start and stop code is an integral part of, and peculiar to, the 3 of 9 barcode. SYMBOL - A complete barcode containing margins, start character, data characters, check digit (if any) and a stop character. UNIT SIZE - The bar width of a narrow element. The narrow bar and the narrow space are equal in the 3 of 9 barcode. 3 OF 9 BARCODE - a variable length, discrete, self-checking, bi-directional alphanumeric barcode. Its character set contains 43 meaningful characters: 0 - 9, A - Z, -, ., $, /, +, % and space. Each character is composed of nine elements: five bars and four spaces. Three of the nine elements are wide (binary value 1), and six elements of narrow (binary value 0). An additional common character, asterisk (*) is used for both start and stop delimiters.
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ELEMENT. Identifies a key area within the domain of a standard.
ELEMENT. 1ST PART Reimbursement of principal over the term of the lease according to the accelerated amortization method, in accordance with the foregoing table, for the entire principal invested in the operation by NORBAIL IMMOBILIER less the amount of the initial advance paid by the LESSEE.
ELEMENT. Elements are the designated items used to identify, track, and measure individual and team performance. The element assigned is product sales. INDIVIDUAL AWARD The incentive amount paid on individual percent attainment. TEAM AWARD The incentive amount paid on the relevant team percent attainment. PLAN STRUCTURE
ELEMENT. 1: THE TOTAL FIRM-FIXED-PRICE FOR ALL CLINS/SLINS. The Offeror shall provide a copy of Section B of the solicitation populated with the CLIN unit prices, and the CLIN total prices using each CLIN quantity value.
ELEMENT. UNIT Information Handling • Implement new/improved system • Update incoming publications • Circulate publications • Identify information source(s) inside and out- side the organisation Communication • Obtain data from external sources • Produce report • Identify need for documents and/or research Enterprise • Assist with the development of options for future strategies • Assist with planning to match future require- ments with resource allocation • Provide information on current service provi- sion and resource allocation within area of re- sponsibility • Identify trends in client requirements Technology • Establish and maintain a small network • Identify document requirements • Determine presentation and format of docu- ment and produce it • Maintain storage media • Devise and maintain filing system • Set printer for document requirements when various setups are available • Design document format • Assist and train network users • Shutdown network equipment Organisational • Organise meetings • Plan and organise conference • Identify credit facilities • Prepare content of documentation for meet- ings Team • Draft job vacancy advertisement • Assist in the selection of staff • Plan and allocate work for the team • Monitor team performance • Organise training for team • Plan work for the team • Allocate tasks to members of the team • Provide training for team members Business Financial • Administer PAYE salary records • Process payment of wages and salaries • Prepare payroll data • Prepare financial reports • Draft financial forecasts/ budgets • Undertake and document costing procedures
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ELEMENT. A component of the employment phase that organizes activities into related tasks and strategies.
ELEMENT. 2 a Cover Sheet 1 Sheet b General Notes, Legend and Survey Control 1 Sheet c Marking Removals Plan 2 Sheets 1 Sheet d Pavement Maintenance and Marking Layout Plans 5 Sheets 4 Sheets e Typical Details 2 Sheets 1 Sheet f Construction Safety and Phasing Plan 4 Sheets TOTAL SHEET COUNT 15 Sheets 6 Sheets Drawings may be added or deleted during the design phase if required.
ELEMENT. Gold Not less than 60% Silver 5.0%-10.0% Copper 20.0%-25.0% Zinc 0.0%-1.0% Iron 0.0%-0.1% Lead Less than 2% Arsenic Less than 0.02% Mercury Less than 0.02% Selenium Less than 0.2% Tellurium Less than 0.1% Thorium Less than 0.02% Tungsten Less than 1% Indium Less than 0.1% Bismuth Less than 2% Antimony Less than 1% Tin Less than 1% Magnesium Less than 1% Sulfur Less than 0.05% Radioactivity None Beryllium None Producer does not anticipate, but does not represent or warrant, that there will be any exceedances of the foregoing elements.
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