Design Phase definition

Design Phase means the phase of a Deliverable Portion of Work prior to Owner and Design-Builder entering into a Pricing Amendment for that Deliverable Portion of Work.

Examples of Design Phase in a sentence

  • The application process is conducted in two phases, the Concept Phase and the Final Design Phase.

  • The Final Design Phase includes the preparation and review of all final documents.

  • The Project has been identified to be a Risk Level 2 based on the SWPPP prepared during the Design Phase.

  • Additional systems depending upon the LEED credits pursued Design Phase Commissioning ProcessA summary of the commissioning process during the Design Phase is as follows; the Commissioning Provider Organization (CPO) shall:1.

  • The Design Phase shall begin upon the Commencement Date of the Contract.

More Definitions of Design Phase

Design Phase means the phase of the Project commencing upon the Effective Date of this Agreement and ending upon completion of the Design for Construction for the Project.
Design Phase means the designated period of time in which Design Services are performed for required features, functions, characteristics, qualities and/or properties for the Project, occurring either sequentially or concurrently with the construction of the Project.
Design Phase means that phase of the School Facilities Project in which the design of the School Facilities Project is undertaken by the Design Consultant.
Design Phase means any of the Concept, Preliminary, Development, Detailed, and Construction Design Phases as detailed in this Agreement and (if applicable) further described in the appended Construction Industry Council Design Documentation Guidelines for Residential and Interiors;
Design Phase means the phase of the Project during which the design is developed and completed.
Design Phase means that phase of the Project before the Design-Builder commences construction of the School Facility and during which time the Project Design, Construction Documents and other necessary documents for the construction of the Project are prepared.