The Bar definition

The Bar means the South Australian Bar Association Inc.
The Bar means the Bar of Hong Kong.
The Bar s separation into groups also means that other groups find it difficult to sustain and keep black people.

Examples of The Bar in a sentence

  • The Bar Council is the Approved Regulator for the Bar of England and Wales.

  • The Bar makes a vital contribution to the efficient operation of criminal and civil courts.

  • The Bar Chart or CPM 90-day schedule shall be submitted at least 14 Calendar Days prior to the start of the work.

  • The Bar may accomplish the submission of information by requiring a certificate with attachments or other means administratively convenient to the Bar.

  • The Bar shall provide acknowledgment under paragraph (2)(a) of this rule for court purposes by electronic means only upon approval of the State Court Administrator.

  • The Bar or an administrative body may establish such abbreviated procedures and requirements as Bar or body finds administratively convenient to limit unnecessary submission of duplicate information by an attorney who has already had application granted to appear in one proceeding and is seeking to appear in other proceedings or to renew an application at the end of a current one-year grant for a case.

  • The Bar Chart shall be time scaled and shall show the following: 1.

  • The Bar Qualification Manual This sets out how the Bar Training Rules must be applied.

  • The Bar Council represents over 16,000 barristers in England and Wales.

  • The Bar Council's Fair Recruitment Guide has been significantly revised and the new version was published in June 2021.

More Definitions of The Bar

The Bar means all Lawyers.
The Bar means all self-employed, employed and non-practising barristers.

Related to The Bar

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  • RN means a registered nurse.

  • Network Operator means the provider of the Network.

  • Reseller is a category of CLECs who purchase the use of Finished Services for the purpose of reselling those Telecommunications Services to their End User Customers.

  • The End-User means the authorized user of the equipment/the Medical Superintendent/Head of the Department of the concerned specialty.

  • exporter means any natural or legal person entity or body, including a partnership, on whose behalf an export declaration is made, that is to say the person, entity or body, who, at the time when the export declaration is accepted, holds a contract with the consignee in the third country concerned and has the necessary power for determining the sending of the goods out of the customs territory of the Union. If no such contract has been concluded or if the holder of that contract does not act on its own behalf, the exporter means the person, entity or body who has the necessary power for determining the sending of the goods out of the customs territory of the Union. Where the benefit of a right to dispose of the goods belongs to a person, entity or body resident or established outside the Union pursuant to that contract, the exporter shall be considered to be the contracting party resident or established in the Union;

  • The System means an electronic control system or complex electronic control system that provides or forms part of the control transmission of a function to which this Regulation applies. This also includes any other system covered in the scope of this Regulation, as well as transmission links to or from other systems that are outside the scope of this Regulation, that acts on a function to which this Regulation applies."

  • The Goods means all of the supplies, equipment, machinery, spare parts, other materials and/or general support services which the Supplier is required to provide to the Procuring Entity under the Contract.

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  • the data exporter means the controller who transfers the personal data;

  • Player means any Contract Player, Non Contract Player or other player who plays or who is eligible to play for a Club.

  • HHSC means the administrative agency established under Chapter 531, Texas Government Code, or its designee.

  • the data importer means the processor who agrees to receive from the data exporter personal data intended for processing on his behalf after the transfer in accordance with his instructions and the terms of the Clauses and who is not subject to a third country's system ensuring adequate protection within the meaning of Article 25(1) of Directive 95/46/EC;

  • VAR means value-at-risk.

  • Service Area means the geographic area approved by the commissioner within which an issuer is authorized to offer a Medicare Select policy.

  • Retailer means every person engaged in the business of making sales at retail, or for distribution,

  • Pollbook means a record of the names of voters in the order that they appear to

  • the Area means the area for which for the time being the Appointee holds the appointment as water undertaker or, as the case may be, sewerage undertaker;

  • Service Description means pre-defined descriptions of services found at current as of the effective date of the Order Form which in conjunction with a Scope Document (if any) defines the Services to be provided and becomes part of the Order Form.

  • Network Area means the 50 mile radius around the local school campus the Named Insured is attending.

  • Non-Network means any hospital, day care centre or other provider that is not part of the network.

  • the State means the Karnataka State