RIGHT TO CONNECT. The City hereby grants to the Owner the right to connect the above-described property to the City’s water system as provided herein.
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RIGHT TO CONNECT. The Eldorado Co-Owners hereby grant to Connecting Participant: (i) the right to install the Connecting Facilities in the Eldorado Substation; (ii) the right to connect the SCE-owned 220 kV Switchyard to the Eldorado System; (iii) the right to occupy the real property within the Eldorado Substation site as may be required for the SCE-owned 220kV Switchyard and the Connecting Facilities; and (iv) the right to use space for control and monitoring equipment, both inside and outside of the control house, as may be necessary to provide proper control and communication.
RIGHT TO CONNECT. 51 10 Compensation for works . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52
RIGHT TO CONNECT. The right to construct and use roads and services on the Grantor’s Land connecting into the Access Road and the Service Strip provided that reasonable notice has been served on the Grantee and subject to the Conduits having sufficient capacity and subject to the approval of the relevant statutory authority that the Grantor makes good any damage caused to the Access Road and Conduits caused by such construction and use and that in exercising this right the Grantor will cause as little interference as reasonable practicable to the exercise of the Rights by the Grantee.
RIGHT TO CONNECT. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, CME hereby grants to Data Center a nonexclusive, non-transferable, revocable, limited right during the Term to establish and use the Connection solely to provide Customers with access to the CME Systems for purposes of using the services offered by CME or its affiliates through the CME Systems (“Permitted Purpose”). Data Center shall not use the Connection for any purpose other than the Permitted Purpose. Data Center hereby agrees that the only means by which it will establish and provide access to a CME System is through the Connection.
RIGHT TO CONNECT. The Eldorado Co-Owners hereby grant to Connecting Participant: (i) the right to install the Connecting Facilities in the Mohave 500 kV Switchyard and the i Eldorado 220 kV Switchyard; (ii) the right to connect the Connecting ' Facilities to the Eldorado System; (iii) the right to occupy the real property within the Mohave 500 kV Switchyard and the Eldorado Substation as may be required for such connections; and (iv) the right to use space for control and monitoring equipment, both inside and outside of each control house, as may he necessary to provide proper control and communication.


  • Right to Contest Borrower, at its own expense, may contest by appropriate legal proceedings, conducted diligently and in good faith, the amount or validity of any Imposition other than Insurance premiums and Ground Rent (if applicable), if: (i) Borrower notifies Lender of the commencement or expected commencement of such proceedings, (ii) the Mortgaged Property is not in danger of being sold or forfeited, (iii) if Borrower has not already paid the Imposition, Borrower deposits with Lender reserves sufficient to pay the contested Imposition, if requested by Lender, and (iv) Borrower furnishes whatever additional security is required in the proceedings or is reasonably requested by Lender, which may include the delivery to Lender of reserves established by Borrower to pay the contested Imposition.

  • Right to Convert In addition to and without limiting the rights of the holder under the terms of this Warrant, the holder shall have the right to convert this Warrant or any portion thereof (the “Conversion Right”) into shares of Series Preferred as provided in this Section 10.2 at any time or from time to time during the term of this Warrant. Upon exercise of the Conversion Right with respect to a particular number of shares subject to this Warrant (the “Converted Warrant Shares”), the Company shall deliver to the holder (without payment by the holder of any exercise price or any cash or other consideration) that number of shares of fully paid and nonassessable Series Preferred as is determined according to the following formula: X = B - A Y Where: X = the number of shares of Series Preferred that shall be issued to holder Y = the fair market value of one share of Series Preferred A = the aggregate Warrant Price of the specified number of Converted Warrant Shares immediately prior to the exercise of the Conversion Right (i.e., the number of Converted Warrant Shares multiplied by the Warrant Price) B = the aggregate fair market value of the specified number of Converted Warrant Shares (i.e., the number of Converted Warrant Shares multiplied by the fair market value of one Converted Warrant Share) No fractional shares shall be issuable upon exercise of the Conversion Right, and, if the number of shares to be issued determined in accordance with the foregoing formula is other than a whole number, the Company shall pay to the holder an amount in cash equal to the fair market value of the resulting fractional share on the Conversion Date (as hereinafter defined). For purposes of Section 10 of this Warrant, shares issued pursuant to the Conversion Right shall be treated as if they were issued upon the exercise of this Warrant.

  • Right to Counsel The Indemnified Persons shall have the right to employ counsel in their, its, his or her sole discretion. Such Indemnified Persons shall be responsible for the expenses of such separate counsel except as provided in Subsection 6(c)(iii). The Advisor agrees to cooperate fully with the Indemnified Persons and their separate counsel in responding to such threatened or actual claims.

  • Right to Contest and Defend The indemnifying party shall be entitled at its cost and expense to contest and defend by all appropriate legal proceedings any Indemnity Claim with respect to which it is called upon to indemnify the indemnified party under the provisions of this Agreement; provided, that notice of the intention to so contest shall be delivered by the indemnifying party to the indemnified party within 20 days from the date of receipt by the indemnifying party of notice by the indemnified party of the assertion of the Indemnity Claim. Any such contest may be conducted in the name and on behalf of the indemnifying party or the indemnified party as may be appropriate. Such contest shall be conducted and prosecuted diligently to a final conclusion or settled in accordance with this Section 7.4 by reputable counsel employed by the indemnifying party and not reasonably objected to by the indemnified party, but the indemnified party shall have the right but not the obligation to participate in such proceedings and to be represented by counsel of its own choosing at its sole cost and expense. The indemnifying party shall have full authority to determine all action to be taken with respect thereto; provided, however, that the indemnifying party will not have the authority to subject the indemnified party to any obligation whatsoever, other than the performance of purely ministerial tasks or obligations not involving material expense. If the indemnifying party does not elect to contest any such Indemnity Claim or elects to contest such Indemnity Claim but fails diligently and promptly to prosecute or settle such claim, the indemnifying party shall be bound by the result obtained with respect thereto by the indemnified party. If the indemnifying party shall have assumed the defense of an Indemnity Claim, the indemnified party shall agree to any settlement, compromise or discharge of an Indemnity Claim that the indemnifying party may recommend and that by its terms obligates the indemnifying party to pay the full amount of the liability in connection with such Indemnity Claim, which releases the indemnified party completely in connection with such Indemnity Claim and which would not otherwise adversely affect the indemnified party. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the indemnifying party shall not be entitled to assume the defense of any Indemnity Claim (and shall be liable for the reasonable fees and expenses of counsel incurred by the indemnified party in defending such Indemnity Claim) if the Indemnity Claim seeks an order, injunction or other equitable relief or relief for other than money damages against the indemnified party which the indemnified party reasonably determines, after conferring with its outside counsel, cannot be separated from any related claim for money damages. If such equitable relief or other relief portion of the Indemnity Claim can be so separated from that for money damages, the indemnifying party shall be entitled to assume the defense of the portion relating to money damages.

  • Text to Control The headings of articles and sections are included solely for convenience of reference. If any conflict between any heading and the text of this Agreement exists, the text shall control.

  • Right to Piggyback If EasyLink proposes to register any of its securities under the Act in connection with a firm commitment underwritten offering (other than registrations solely for the registration of shares in connection with an employee benefit plan or a merger or consolidation and other than pursuant to Section 2.01) at any time before all of the Registrable Securities are eligible for public resale by Holders pursuant to Rule 144(k) under the Act, whether or not for sale for EasyLink's own account, and the registration form to be used may be used for the registration of Registrable Securities (a "Piggyback Registration"), EasyLink will at each such time give prompt written notice to Holders of its intention to do so and of Holders's rights under this Section 2.02. Upon the written request of any Holders made within 30 days after the receipt of any such notice (which request shall specify the Registrable Securities intended to be disposed of by Holders and the intended method of distribution thereof), EasyLink will use its reasonable commercial efforts to effect the registration under the Act of all Registrable Securities which EasyLink has been so requested to register by Holders, to the extent required to permit the disposition (in accordance with such intended methods thereof) of the Registrable Securities so to be registered, provided that if, at any time after giving written notice of its intention to register any securities and prior to the effective date of the registration statement filed in connection with such registration, EasyLink shall determine for any reason not to register or to delay registration of such securities, EasyLink may, at its election, give written notice of such determination to Holders and, thereupon, (i) in the case of a determination not to register, shall be relieved of its obligation to register any Registrable Securities in connection with such registration (but not from its obligation to pay the registration expenses under Section 2.05 in connection therewith), without prejudice, however, to the rights of Holders to request that such registration be effected as a Mandatory Registration under Section 2.01, and (ii) in the case of a determination to delay registering, shall be permitted to delay registering any Registrable Securities, for the same period as the delay in registering such other securities. No registration effected under this Section 2.02 shall relieve EasyLink of its obligation to effect any Mandatory Registration upon request under Section 2.01.

  • Right to Cancel You have a right to cancel this Agreement for a period of fourteen (14) days commencing on the date on which this Agreement is concluded or the date on which you receive this Agreement (whichever is later) (the “Cancellation Period”). Should you wish to cancel this Agreement within the Cancellation Period, you should send notice in writing or electronically to the addresses found in contact us section of our website. Cancelling this Agreement within the Cancellation Period will not cancel any Transaction entered into by you during the Cancellation Period. If you fail to cancel this Agreement within the Cancellation Period, you will be bound by its terms but you may terminate this Agreement in accordance with Clause 17 (Termination Without Default).

  • Right to Assign Each Lender shall have the right at any time to sell, assign or transfer all or a portion of its rights and obligations under this Agreement, including all or a portion of its Commitment or Loans owing to it or other Obligations (provided, however, that pro rata assignments shall not be required and each assignment shall be of a uniform, and not varying, percentage of all rights and obligations under and in respect of any applicable Loan and any related Commitments):

  • Right to Conduct Activities The Company hereby agrees and acknowledges that Xxxxxxxxx, ARCH, Omega, Xxxxxx Capital Partners L.P., Samsara BioCapital, L.P. and their respective Affiliates are professional venture capital or similar investment funds (collectively, the “Funds”), and as such invest in numerous portfolio companies, some of which may be deemed competitive with the Company’s business (as currently conducted or as may be conducted in the future). The parties agree that no Fund or any Fund Affiliate investment fund or any of their Affiliates, or any of their or their Affiliates’ partners, officers or representatives, in his, her or its capacity as such, which manage or advise any such investment funds, shall be considered a Competitor of the Company solely as a result of such investment, management or advisory activities for purposes of this Agreement, and the Company agrees that, to the extent permitted under applicable law, neither the Funds nor their Affiliates shall be liable to the Company for any claim arising out of, or based upon, (i) the investment by a Fund or any of their Affiliates in any entity competitive with the Company, or (ii) actions taken by any partner, officer or other representative of a Fund or Fund Affiliate to assist any such competitive company, whether or not such action was taken as a member of the board of directors of such competitive company or otherwise, and whether or not such action has a detrimental effect on the Company; provided, however, that the foregoing shall not relieve (x) any of the Funds from liability associated with the unauthorized use or disclosure of the Company’s confidential information obtained pursuant to this Agreement, or (y) any director or officer of the Company from any liability associated with his or her fiduciary duties to the Company.

  • Right to Consult Counsel The Warrant Agent may at any time consult with legal counsel satisfactory to it (who may be legal counsel for the Company), and the Warrant Agent shall incur no liability or responsibility to the Company or to any Holder for any action taken, suffered or omitted by it in good faith in accordance with the opinion or advice of such counsel.

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